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Dream Machine

The project "Dream Machine" – Partnerships and Youth Initiatives for Community Development” was implemented from March 2014 to October 2015. It was funded by the European Union’s Youth in Action Programme, Action 4.6-Partnerships, as well as by Fondazione Casa di Risparmio di Cuneo (Italy), Svenska Kulturfonden (Finland) and the Municipality of Kristinestad (Finland). The project aimed at deepening the existing practices of partnership with local municipalities through a set of local and transnational activities and innovative methods which would help young people to develop and implement their vision of their community and of change they would like to see there.

100 young people in 12 YEPP Local Sites, composed of 60 communities with fewer opportunities, in 7 European countries (Bosnia & Herzegovina, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Slovakia and Poland) participated in this project.

The objective was for young people to further develop their advocacy skills through international training and local coaching and to set up a “Local Stakeholder Circle” – a community-based group featuring mayors, municipality representatives, NGOs, youth workers and other young people. The task of the young people was to come up with several project ideas which would bring about social change to their community and to select one in order to implement it in partnership with the “Local Stakeholder Circle”.

Part of the project was a training on advocacy at the International Youth Exchange in Cuneo, Italy, as well as local workkshops and coaching to support youth projects and the final conference in Kristinestad, Finland which brought together young people and politicians to share best practice and adopt Declaration of recommendations for youth participation in decision-making processes.pdf.

A total of 12 projects were implemented and some of them are featured below. They highlight the experience from the point of view of young people as they approached politicians to participate in their project and from the point of view of politicians who were approached by and collaborated with young people in the context of this “Dream Machine” project.

Dream Machine Project “Youth Cafeteria

YEPP Local Site Kecerovce-Olšaava, Slovakia

Young people got the support of the mayor of Kecerovce-Olšava to set up a youth cafeteria in the community of the village


Dream Machine Project “Web Radio

YEPP Local Site Langhe, Italy

15 young people from the YEPP Local Site Langhe set up a Web Radio, which was financially supported by the local mayor.



Dream Machine Project  “Youth Centre Albenga

YEPP Local Site Albenga, Italy

After several years of advocacy work and efforts from the young people in Albenga, the mayor finally agreed to finance and support a youth centre in the town. This project received the award “Best Advocacy Work” at the “Dream Machine” conference in Kristinestad.



Dream Machine Project “Labirint

YEPP Local Site Tuzla, Bosnia & Herzegovina

The young people in Tuzla approached local and national politicians in order to seek support for their project “Labirint” which is a Community Training Centre offering courses and training for members of the community. They also made a very successful fundraising campaign and received funding from local foundations, businesses and residents. This project was awarded “Best Community Project” at the “Dream Machine” conference in Kristinestad



Dream Machine Project “Street guards and young people in dialogue

YEPP Local Site Dublin-North Inner City, Ireland

The young people from the YEPP Local Site in Dublin North-Inner city have tried to find a solution for the tense relationship between Street police guards and young people. They have been fostering exchange and dialogue through surveys and interviewing young people and street guards about their views and want to continue organising meetings between both parties in order to improve their relationship.  This project was awarded “Most Innovative Project” at the “Dream Machine” conference in Kristinestad.



Dream Machine Project “Health Campaign

YEPP Local Site Kristinestad, Finland

The young people of Kristinestad have been working on a health campaign including information days about health and sports issues in schools and a swimming hall disco. The municipality of Kristinestad has been involved at the local level supporting the campaign and also on an international level hosting the “Dream Machine” Conference in June 2015 and personally inviting mayors and municipality representative from Communities from 7 European countries to this event. 



dddddddddddddddddddDream Machine Project “Youth Cafeteria

YEPP Local Site Kecerovce-Olšaava, Slovakia

Young people got the support of the mayor of Kecerovce-Olšava to set up a youth cafeteria in the community of the village