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Build Your Future



“Build Your Future” is a European project with the central aim of fostering (social) entrepreneurship among young people.


Implemented by the consortium of nine partners: Croatia, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, it is administered by the International Academy Berlin (INA) gGmbH and YEPP International Resource Centre. 


The programme is funded by the European Union’s ERASMUS+ programme, Key Action 2 – Strategic Partnerships.



1 February 2015 to 31 January 2017
2 Strands of “Build Your Future”

Strand 1
At the heart of the project is a (social) entrepreneurship course specifically designed to empower 18 to 30 year olds in Europe. It will help them to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and prepare them for employment, self-employment and/or further education, therefore enhancing their chances to access life-changing opportunities.

Strand 2
At the same time, the project seeks to encourage local entrepreneurship in urban and rural communities in Europe through cooperation amongst strategic partners from multiple sectors.

The Course

The entrepreneurship course was developed by a consortium of scientists, youth workers, policy experts, NGO representatives and young people from partner organisations. It is practice-oriented and takes existing resources into account to adapt the working formats for young people.     byf2


The Course Modules

The topics of the Modules:

  • M1 – Background: Types of Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurs in the World, My Passion and Interests;  Me, the Entrepreneur
  • M2 – My Idea: How to Generate Ideas and Create Opportunities
  • M3 – Marketing: Marketing Concepts and Strategies, Business Model Canvas
  • M4 – Operations: Value Proposition and Resources, Prototyping, Testing/Pitching Your Idea, Communications
  • M5 – Impact: Starting, Sustaining and Scaling up Your Business, Business Plan and Start-up Structures, Balanced Impact, Sustainability and Scaling 




To increase awareness about the potentials and benefits of entrepreneurship, to improve conditions for entrepreneurs in local communities and ultimately to improve policies and legislation affecting entrepreneurs at local, regional and national level.


An action group, consisting of municipalities, local actors and young people, will develop the strategies for fostering local entrepreneurship. Included in this strand are the local Entrepreneurship Labs – spaces to promote exchange and learning between municipalities, entrepreneurs, youth coaches and young people.

This will be achieved by inviting politicians to the labs, disseminating the results of the programme and creating new local and national networks with partners concerned with the topic of entrepreneurship.

This course places a strong emphasis on online learning. An online learning platform allows participants to discuss home assignments and participate in group exercises. In spring 2016, a Youth Exchange will be organised in Turin, Italy where 50 young participants from all partner countries will come together to exchange their experiences and learning outcomes from the course.


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"Build Your Future" Challenge: Solve a problem in your community


  • Are you participants of the “Build Your Future” (BYF) Programme?
  • Do you have a great (social)entrepreneurial idea?
  • Do you want to win start-up money to make your idea reality?


Then, participate in the BYF Challenge, and solve a problem in your community!

Find guidelines and tips on how to win the BYF Challenge in the BYF Challenge Guidelines here


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