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Profiles of Young People

Emina from Tuzla

Something just clicked inside me

Hello, my name is Emina. I’m 20 and studying pharmacy at university. I first got involved in YEPP by becoming a Tuzla Youth Bank Board member in 2007. I then had the chance to become a coach in the Leadership Project and have been so for the past three years. Living in Simin Han but going to school in another area, I the local kids but had never talked to them. Now, these children, from the community I didn't feel I could ever belong to, are participating with me in the project. And something just clicked inside me, being in the position to become a youth leader, to influence others in a positive way and show them a system of values that is very different from the one they are used to in our society. I am now a part of the environment that basically forms these kids, and a person that shapes their opinion, in a way. I also became a member of Simin Han's Youth Council and actively participated at Simin Han Local Support Group meetings as a youth representative.