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Factsheet - Albenga

Characteristics of the area

The depths of the sea of Albenga retain memories of the past important to reconstruct the trades existing in the past. In Gallinara a five hundred year old tower can be seen on the ruins of an ancient Benedictine monastery.

Albenga is an Italian city of 23,576 inhabitants in the province of Savona in Liguria. It is the second largest municipality and the second largest city of the province in terms of population. Albenga has the nickname of city of a hundred spiers.

The city of Albenga has one of the most beautiful historic centers and well-preserved in the Ligurian Riviera di Ponente. The majority of the city is surrounded by walls and towers. The architechture of medieval times is also present.

Albenga is a modern city with ancient historical roots, monuments such as the Baptistery, the Cathedral, the palaces and religious buildings are proof of it.

When did the YEPP Local Site become involved?

Albenga embraced YEPP in 2006 and the support group was formed in September 2007.

Why did the Local Site start implementing the “YEPP” approach and methodology?

Because it was considered that it would satisfy the requirements of citizenship and social needs as a weak and difficult reality. 

Main issues and objectives?

The support group has been working for years to create a solid group to fight problems related to missed opportunities for recreation, education and aggregation. In addition, we are working in social areas to solve the problem of integration.

What are the projects and achievements to date?

One of the most successfull project, still active, is the music festival “Contagi” where young people are asked to organize, manage and actively participate in a summer event where different styles and different cultural backgrounds are mixed together. Furthermore, video, photography and theatre projects appear to be a strong attraction for the local community and young people.