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Factsheet - CebMonTan

Characteristics of the area

The “CebMonTan” Area is a big territory in the south part of Piedmont and it’s Cuneo Province.

The name is a acronymous of  Ceb (Cebano, a large territory involving a lot of councils, the most important is Ceva, with amost 5000 inhabitants) , Mon (Monregalese, a large territory involving a lot of people, spread on different councils and hills, with the central Vicoforte and its famous “Santuario”, a big church with a lot of visitors) and Tan (Valle Tanaro, a large area involving beautiful villages like Ormea and Garessio), this has been invented by the head of the YEPP CebMonTan that find a correct name without forget the importance of the various composition of the big territory of this YEPP site.

Thanks to the importance of nearest Langhe (the wine’s most famous place in Italy) The entire area has increased the agriculture world in its various aspects. Starting from cultivation of a various fruits and vegetables, CebMonTan has a famous product like “castagna” and a lot of good quality of mushrooms, we have to mention also the great importance of food in general with the production of biscuits (like “Paste di Pamparato”), chocolate (like Cevesi or Garessini with rhum) and a lot of production of tasteful wine. In terms of touristic offer, we have to acclaim a varyus important cultural site of the past like “Santuario di Vicoforte”, or the little site waiting in  the villages composing the big part of territory. Green places, sound of rivers and hystorical places are the perfect backgroung of a territory in wicht you can have fresh air, good walking and other sports like skiing, biking and balls sport.

When did the YEPP Local Site become involved?

CebMonTan is a newborn site, and starts its activity from the beginning of 2013. The support group was formed in July 2013.

Why did the Local Site start implementing the “YEPP” approach and methodology?

Under the impulse of Comunità Montana and YEPP Italia, YEPP CebMonTan was launched in 2013 to open new cultural approach of stay togheter and do social project involving different realities, places, and habits  for young people and allow them to become active members life in a moment of economic and cultural crisis of value of  Italian people. The logic and effectiveness of YEPP method gave them a lot of opportunities for their social life, includin job. 

Main issues and objectives?

The support group is working on a lot of  issues, but as matter of facts, the first great objectives is to improve skills of cooperation and work together to do something useful activities, an easy word but something to improve in young inhabitants of this big and beautiful place.

What are the projects and achievements to date?

YEPP CebMonTan is planning   to organize different typologies of Actions. First of all there are three big area: Spaces, Course and Events and Territory and Tourism.

Through   this channel there are a lot of brilliant ideas like walk day in the nature embraced by cultural sites and green places to visit or good food to taste in the same contest. A big importance role has been occupied by Spaces and youth center, scattered in villages in which there are young and keen people, these places will be the hearth of a good an constructive dialogue to improve ideas and skills. The last but not the least is the tourism sector, the support group wants to improve young tourism, a number of activities for young people to do in all the territory and a web site to collect them, starting from the partnership of sharing information with people or associations just working on the territory.