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Edoardo from Cornigliano

Change can be an opportunity or a problem, it’s up to you

My name is Edoardo. I’m 25 and I live in Cornigliano, where I was born. I live in a small neighbourhood where we all know each other from childhood and always meet in the same café, the only one in the area. My parents made me attend schools in the city centre to focus on my studies and not hang out with the same local friends all the time.I’m now studying political science at the university.

Cornigliano is always on the move, it keeps changing. Change can be an opportunity or a problem depending on how you approach it: you get swallowed up by change or make a chance out of it. I took part in the Job Club to exchange views on the labour situation in Italy and how to stop the brain drain of young people.

I feel that Genoa has always been able to come out of its problems, and so has Cornigliano. Taking part in transnational YEPP events, I learned a lot , improved my English and got a new perspective on the problems we face. Going back home nobody thinks you’re the new Obama, but you can try to change the things you don’t like in the world you live in.