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Factsheet - Langhe

Characteristics of the area

Langhe is a hilly region in the North West of Italy. It is a beautiful region known for its wines, castles, truffles and nature. Langhe is located in the Piedmont region, 60 km from Torino.

The YEPP Local Site Langhe consists of 11 Villages: Novello, Monforte, Monchiero, Verduno, Dogliani, Castiglione Falletto, Grinzane Cavour, Narzole, Roddi, Rodello and Montelupo.

Over the past 15 years, wine-making and rural tourism have strengthened the local economy and raised the international profile of the area. However, this prosperity has yet to be translated into social assets for the local community and in particular for its young people.

When did the YEPP Local Site become involved?

YEPP Langhe started in 2009 with eight municipalities. Four additional municipalities joined in 2011.

Why did the Local Site start implementing the “YEPP” approach and methodology?

The opportunities for young people in Langhe where very low before "YEPP". Young people had to move to the main cities in order to have any kind of social or cultural possibility.

Even if this is considered a rich territory, the young people do not benefit from this wealth, which is mainly re-invested in tourism or agriculture.

Langhe does suffer from problems such as: use of drugs, abuse of alcohol, high number of traffic  accidents involving young people, scarcity of opportunities for young persons to express their talents.

When YEPP Langhe was set up, only two of the participating villages had a youth centre; most of the associations and institutions in the area focused on adults and do not engage with young people under the age of 25.

Main issues and objectives?

The main goals for 2013 of the support group of YEPP Langhe are:

  • Maintain the lively activity of the resources which were activated during the previous years (8 youth centres, recording studio, web radio)
  • Assure cooperation among the youngsters and the associations of the various villages
  • Make YEPP Langhe association active and 100% youth led. Perform training and capacity building for the members of the Board. Train some young people as youth leaders (for a local nursery service, for the international exchange and for summer camps)
  • Improve the possibility of mobility in the area, in particular for young people (advocacy and innovative solutions)
  • Involve secondary schools with the work of YEPP (13-14 years old).

What are your projects and achievements up to date?

  • In the beginning of YEPP Langhe there was a recurring complaint: "there is no place to meet and to do interesting things". Now, after three years, most of the villages have dedicated a space to the youngsters, through partnerships with the municipalities, the church, the local associations and "YEPP". The idea is that these places are self-managed by young people, with the support of some youth workers who have the role of experts, and work mostly on the processes, but leave the power to young people.
  • The media group (LNG Media – is a multimedia editing committee: there is a Web Radio, a Video Group and a group of Writers. The recent partnership with Rivista Idea (a regional magazine distributed every month in the whole Province of Cuneo) is a good multiplier for the work of the young people.
  • L'Aquila 2012 and Langhe-Lonford International Exchange have been empowering experiences which have changed the life of many youngsters. In particular in he witnter of 2012 in which a large group of young people prepared a theater performance and some activities for children. During the summer they went to l'Aquila area (region of Italy which was hit by an earthquake in 2010) and also to Emilia which experienced an earthquate in 2012) in order to support the summer youth activities, to perform street theater and to prepare a documentary about the state of the reconstruction. The results of these activities are being reported to the local communities, in order to raise awareness on the needs of the remote populations.