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Profiles of Young People

Young people from Langhe

YEPP can be very useful for the future

"Before YEPP, we were taking part in some youth centre activities. Our coordinator Livio got us involved in this new project. We started going around the area to organise meetings and build the project from the ground." 

"The town hall got me involved in YEPP. I was quite sceptical at the beginning but then discovered it was interesting. If you show interest in the opportunities YEPP offers, they can be very useful for the future."

"I’ve been part of YEPP since the beginning. At first I joined to be part of musical projects as a singer. Then I discovered video editing and it helped me develop new skills."

"The guys are fantastic and the group works really well. Every new idea and initiative is met with great enthusiasm and we all work hard to complete the projects."

"We can create our own content on the radio and in our videos. That is much more interesting for young people than the stuff they show on TV"