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Profiles of Young People

Stefano and Andrea from Loano

Young Community Leaders in the making

Stefano is 21 and Andrea 24. They both live in Loano but have been studying in other cities (respectively foreign languages in Genoa and marketing and tourism economics in Savona). Andrea is now back in Loano working as a marketing promoter. They both joined YEPP in 2007 to take part in the social and cultural regeneration of their town and engage in local life as active citizens. They collaborated on the website and have taken part in transnational activities – a YEPP advocacy workshop in Gollwitz (Germany) in Stefano’s case, and, in Andrea’s, the YEPP community conference and youth meeting on youth participation in Genoa. Stefano would like to see more vocational training and job opportunities for young people by raising the awareness of youth issues among adults and decision-makers. Andrea believes the establishment of a youth council in Loano would help young people push for local change. Both feel they have grown personally and professionally through their experience with YEPP, learning how to turn ideas into reality and how to accept different views as part of a team.