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Factsheet - Porta Palazzo

Characteristics of the area

Porta Palazzo is one of the more multicultural areas in Turin (immigrants from North Africa, East Europe and China make up 20% of the population), strongly characterized by one of the biggest open markets in Europe and a very popular flea market on Saturdays. The market area is well known in town as a notorious place: illegal activity and antisocial behaviors oftenleave you feeling insecure. The community, in general, does not have a strong sense of belonging to the local area and young people tend to go somewhere else to find something attractive; newly arrived immigrants leave for a better place to live as soon as they improve their economic situation.Those who stay hang around and often engage in illegal activities. For these reasons, a very important urban renewal program, The Gate, took place here since the 1990s ( and there is a significant number of organizations working on integration, outreach, social aspects in general.

When did the YEPP Local Site become involved?

YEPP Turin Porta Palazzo officially started in September 2012.

Why did the Local Site start implementing the “YEPP” approach and methodology?

To bring a new approach in an area already full of activities not enough coordinated.

Main issues and objectives?

Issues and objectives are being defined at the moment. What seems to emerge are very general Issues such asoptimal use of public space, need forattractiveness and identity, more quality and accessibility of the structures dedicated to young people and need of more links among people, organizations and activities.

What are the projects and achievements to date?

Being at the very beginning of the process, the achievement nowadays is the big number of participants to the meetings (between 30 and 40 persons each time).