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Ahmed from Porta Palazzo

My name is Ahmed. I’m 18 and from a mixed Moroccan-French background. I study geography in Turin. My friends say I’m funny and easy-going, but also sometimes egocentric and a bit of a show-off. I like spending time in youth centres or just having fun with my friends.

My ambition is to work in the film industry. I live in the Aurora area of Porta Palazzo, a difficult place but at the same time one of the best to live in: you can find anything you want here in the centre with a lot of multicultural shops nearby in the market, the biggest one in Europe. When I think of the future I just think of today!

Thanks to “The Gate” network I now have new interests such as learning many different languages, and travelling and meeting people from other places. What I would recommend for the future of YEPP in Porta Palazzo is to provide more vocational training to young people, not only in youth work to train other young people but also in other fields.