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Factsheet - Tonino Falchera

Falchera is a small neighbourhood  at the extreme northern outskirts of the city of Torino.  It’s not an administrative unit itself. 

The area is perceived by the residents as a village, due to the limited number of inhabitants (around 7.000) as well as to its geographical isolation, between the highway to Milano, the big orbital road, the railway and the fields.

The so called Old Falchera was built between 1954 and 1961 (brick one floor houses), the New Falchera between 1974 and 1977 (high modern buildings).  Working class families  and immigrants coming from other regions of Italy were moved  into these new settlements.

Before these times, Falchera was a rural area. Still now one of its main characteristics are its big and numerous green areas that surround the houses and give a very pleasant aspect to the area.

A high percentage of the local population is characterized by low socio – economic conditions. 

There is also a relevant presence of Roma population.

When did the YEPP Local Site become involved?

In 2013.

Why did the Local Site start implement the “YEPP” approach and methodology?

A group of 3 youth associations that had been  working with young people in the area for several years contacted Compagnia di San Paolo; they were looking for funding for their projects.  Compagnia proposed to them to start with YEPP in Falchera.

Main issues and objectives?

Falchera doesn’t offer much to young people in terms of cultural, leisure time and training opportunities. 

Residents have a strong sense of belonging to their place; young people in particular say they like the green aspect, the fact that there are nice people, the atmosphere like a village. But they also underline that they are divided in small goups, sometimes conflicting one against the other, and that there is criminality. 

There are meeting places for youngsters, but they attract only some of the groups. Many youngsters prefer staying at home, hanging in the street, or going outside Falchera.

Falchera is considered “a nice place until you are 13, then it’s very boring”.

External people, instead, perceive it as a very bad and dangerous place: Falchera has got a negative social label that  the residents are trying to get rid of.

The local support group decided to focus its planning on leisure time and culture, but also to pay attention to non formal education and vocational training actions. They think that the improvement of Falchera’s image will be a crosscutting outcome of all the planned actions.

Three main working themes for Yepp in Falchera have been identified: a) Cultural Projects; b) Involvement of Young People; c) Meeting Places. Characteristics of the area

Related to these themes, the support group has defined the following objectives for its first Operational Plan (2014) :

  • Creating cultural initiatives on a continuous basis
  • Organizing events to attract young people from Falchera as well as from outside
  • Transforming Falchera into the “Hip Hop place” in Torino
  • Involving all the different typologies of young people living in the area
  • Structuring a meeting place which will be open day and evening and will give to young  people the opportunity to attend activities, organize parties, or simply meet and spend time together.


What are the projects and achievements to date?

  • Different actions are aimed at qualifying Falchera as an area for Hip Hop at all levels. Workshops, opportunities for free meetings, a summer school, are organized; participants have the opportunity to experiment the various disciplines of Hip Hop: writing, beatbox, singing, dancing, Hip Hop culture. A school with regular courses is organized as well. Activities are directed to children and youngsters from 6 to 29 years of age. Well known musicians are the trainers, while young people from the Yepp group teach the children. Before Yepp started, there was already in Falchera a numerous group of youngsters practicing Hip Hop; the local association which organized dancing courses has become partner of Yepp.
  • In order to foster the passion for photo and media, 2 kind of activities are developed: a first level course in photography; thematic workshops for more expert young people. The photography group is documenting all the Yepp activities. 
  • “Falklab”  is the youth center of Falchera. The Yepp group is running it and is organizing activities all the week long: handicraft workshops for the manufacturing of furniture with recycled materials; support for homework; Internet point; free meeting space; society games; tea corner. 


The Falchera support group is formed by 15 – 16 youngsters aged from 15 to 20, 2 young adults, 4 representatives of local associations.