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Factsheet - Valle Stura

Characteristics of the area

The area on which insists the program is very extensive and includes 8 municipalities, different about the characteristics of the population and territory. It ranges from 630 meters of altudine in Vignolo to the 1680 meters of altitude of Argentera. The main high schools are located in Cuneo, the capital of the Province "Granda", which is about 60 km. In the Valley there are the secondary schools in Demonte and Borgo San Dalmazzo, while the primary and nursery schools are in the municipalities of Vinadio, Demonte, Roccasparvera and Borgo San Dalmazzo. The university reference for young people is located in the city of Turin. 

Yepp Stura working on a basis of about 5000 young people aged under 21 years. The site Yepp Stura has been active since January 2013. Today we are in the implementation phase of the First Operational Plan. After an initial phase that is served together with young people to understand the territory what are the real needs of young people, there was a second phase in which priorities have been identified on the basis of which to build the operational plan for the year 2014. 

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An analysis carried out on the territory and by comparison with the young people there were some areas on which it was decided to concentrate efforts: strengthening of the meeting places for young people, identification of local facilitators, promotion of courses and activities for young people to enrich their skills, creations of local events, implementation of the plan of communication and transport, promotion of trade with other YEPP sites in Italy and in Europe. The courses and workshops planned will focus on the topic of video production and photography, culture of food, some sports and leisure (Mountain Bike, Ski Mountaineering, Hiking, etc) on several fronts aimed at deepening the knowledge of the area in which they live. 

Activities will also be supported Christian meeting places  in a new perspective of strengthening through the promotion of educational activities on the animation and the conduct of the groups; 

Through the active involvement of young people will be set up new spaces for young people or they will intervene to rearrange some existing spaces. 

Finally, some events will be carried out on the territory of the promotion of initiatives will be taken care of the part related to communication and social media, and commit resources to promote the mobility of young people in common Yepp through the creation of a system of connections shuttles. Finally, in 2014, there will be a chance for young people to participate in an international exchange with at least one of the Yepp sites in Italy and in Europe.


The implementation of the Operational Plan Yepp 2014 will be possible thanks to funding from the Compagnia di San Paolo, Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Cuneo, the Community of Valle Stura and the municipalities participating in the project Yepp  (Vignolo, Borgo San Dalmazzo, Roccasparvera, Demonte, Aisone, Vinadio, Pietraporzio, Argentera). Throughout the process, as it was in the earlier stages of design, will be accompanied and monitored by the operators of the Cooperative Emmanuele.