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What is YEPP?

What is YeppThe "YEPP" approach and methodology was developed by the Youth Empowerment Partnership Programme (2001-2011), which was an initiative of a group of European and US foundations to find ways to empower young people at risk of social exclusion in communities across Europe which offered little or no opportunities. 

"YEPP" was implemented and evaluated by the International Academy for innovative Pedagogy, Psychology and Economics (INA) gGmbH/Institute for Community Education (ICE), a non-profit organisation at the Free University of Berlin, Germany. 

The Youth Empowerment Partnership Programme adopted an innovative approach that brought together foundations, municipalities and local representatives, whom we refered to as actors, to address complex social challenges related to young people and to promote civic participation in disadvantaged communities across Europe. The Youth Empowerment Partnership Programme tackled youth-related issues with young people - not for them.

The "YEPP" approach and methodology has achieved life-changing, positive and lasting results for the young people and communities involved.

Building on extensive evaluation and assessment of practical experience in these communities, the “YEPP” approach and methodology has a defined set of goals and principles at its core.