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How YEPP Works

To achieve YEPP goals, YEPP transforms the need for change of local communities into awareness of the issues facing the community.  This leads to joint strategic planning, responsibility and sustainable improvements (the YEPP Concept of Change).

The YEPP’s Concept of Change and multi‐level approach are implemented through common operational tools and structures at local and international level.  These operational tools are flexible enough to allow each YEPP Local Site to adapt the “YEPP” approach and methodology to meet local needs and contexts.


YEPP Local Sites

YEPP Local Sites are defined as communities in which young people at risk of social exclusion live and/or in which few opportunities are available for young people.

These sites have an identified need and an explicit will to bring about change in the fields of youth empowerment, community empowerment and partnership. They work according to the YEPP Manifesto agreeing on the goals and applying the principles as well as the YEPP Concept of Change to their local work.

Local Support Group

The Local Support Group is the motor of the local change processes. These voluntary, community based informal or formal groups are at the core of cross‐sectorial partnerships at the local level. Their membership includes local stakeholders from different sectors and organisations, among them young people, who have an expressed interest in the development of their community.

Local Team

The work of the Local Support Group is supported by a professional team formed by a Local Coordinator and an Evaluation Facilitator.

Operational Plan

Each Local Support Group develops an Operational Plan based on the analysis of the local situation and context. The plan describes the local strategy for achieving the mission and overall goals.  The plan also lays out locally agreed objectives, strategies, and actions. At the same time, the Group develops a Monitoring and Evaluation Plan outlining the indicators and methods of the monitoring and evaluation process.

Cycle of Change

Cycle of Change 2012-12-04

The YEPP Cycle of Change is driven by an on‐going process of analysis, planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. At regular intervals, with the support of a professional Evaluation Facilitator, the Local Support Group assesses to what extent the local objectives and overall YEPP goals have been achieved.

As a result of this assessment, the existing problems are worked on and the plan is revised, taking into account the lessons learnt so far and the next cycle of refined planning starts. These lessons are also shared with the other programme sites within the YEPP Community Network.

Resource Mobilisation

Resources inside and outside the communities are mobilised to support youth and community empowerment.


The transnational level supports YEPP Local Sites to achieve YEPP Goals and offers opportunities for transnational exchange.  Furthermore the transnational level strengthens the dissemination of the “YEPP” approach and methodology. It is also an additional powerful means for the empowerment of young people.

YEPP International Resource Centre (the “YEPP IRC”)

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YEPP IRC was established to further implement the “YEPP” approach and methodology. It supports the work of the YEPP Ccommunity at the local and transnational level. The mission of theYEPP IRC is to bring about sustainable change in local communities with fewer opportunities across Europe and beyond to build an active civil society involving local stakeholders, in particular young people. Drawing on the “YEPP” approach and methodology as well as on the results of the evaluation, the YEPP IRC acts as:

  • An International Support Centre for Local Communities who are involved with or wish to become involved with the YEPP Community and apply the “YEPP” approach and methodology to achieve youth and community empowerment.
  • A Youth and Community Development Centre, which is research based, seeking to enhance and strengthen the “YEPP” approach and methodology as well as to impact on the field.
  • A Centre that advocates for Youth and Community Empowerment at the political level to influence youth and community related policies.
  • A Guardian of the YEPP Manifesto Implementation at all levels.

YEPP Community Network

The YEPP IRC actively networks local communities and practitioners that are involved in the YEPP Community through such activities as joint transnational projects, periodic meetings, study visits, and youth exchanges/workshops.

Participating Local Communities

Participating local communities (through the various stakeholders in those communities) work in accordance with this YEPP Manifesto and are linked with the YEPP IRC through a Memorandum of Understanding.