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Youth and Community Empowerment in Europe

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In September 2012, the book "Youth and Community Empowerment in Europe" was published by Policy Press, University of Bristol, UK& USA (ISBN: 978 1 44730 591 0 hardback). This book, written by Peter Evans and Angelika Krüger, provides the theoretical context for the Youth Empowerment Partnership Programmeand gives a full account of the process and outcomes of over ten years of joint effort in its unique development and research process. The book also reflects upon the lessons learnt for future policy, including developing effective evaluation strategies. If you want to wish to buy the book click on this link: Youth and Community Empowerment in Europe


The Youth Empowerment Partnership Programme (YEPP): The first five years – YEPP I: 2002-2006.


P. Evans, A. Krüger, The Youth Empowerment Partnership Programme (YEPP): The first five years – YEPP I: 2002-2006. In: GIVING – Thematic Issues on Philanthropy and Social Innovation. Social Justice Philanthropy. Bononia University Press, Nuovaserie, n. 2, 2011. ISBN: 978-88-7395-714-0


Policy Folder "2011: Celebrating 10 Years of YEPP"


This booklet includes a series of case studies of the YEPP Local Programme Sites and the young people together with studies that demonstrate the unique partnership aspect, as well as the international dimension of the Youth Empowerment Partnership Programme.


Jugend für Europa - Inter CITY - Euopean Peer Learning on Local Youth Policy - Leipzig - October 2012


The renewed framework for European cooperation in the youth field (2010-2018), also referred to as the EU Youth Strategy, describes mutual learning (or peer learning) as an important instrument of youth policz in Europe.  Peer learning can contribute to improving a common understanding of youth policy approaches and is a source of inspiring impulses from abroad, thereby helping to improve the Member States' own youth policy strategy.

 Inter CITY -European Conference cover

“YEPP” Approach and Methodology

The “YEPP” approach and methodology was developed by the Youth Empowerment Partnership Programme (2001-2011), which adopted an innovative approach bringing together foundations, municipalities and local representatives to address complex social challenges related to young people and to promote civic participation in disadvantaged communities across Europe.


Become a YEPP Local Site

YEPP Local Sites implement the “YEPP” approach and methodology of Youth and Community Empowerment and join a large and active European network of YEPP Local Sites and organisations working in the field of youth and community empowerment. By joining YEPP Community Network, your community and particularly young people have access to a wide range of benefits and opportunities for development and influence.


Become a YEPP Affiliate

At its core, the YEPP Community Network is composed of YEPP Local Sites hosted by non-governmental organisations, community foundations or municipalities in different countries in Europe. With the “YEPP” approach and methodology as the cornerstone of our work, YEPP International Resource Centre (YEPP IRC) supports communities and individuals who want to work towards youth and community empowerment and sustainable change. But, you don’t have to be a YEPP Local Site to bene t from being part of the Network, you can also become a YEPP Affiliate through membership.


Entrepreneurship Education for Young People with Fewer Opportunities

YEPP International Resource Centre (YEPP IRC) is commit- ted to combatting youth unemployment in marginalised local communities in Europe. It chooses to do so in cooperation with local actors through an Entrepreneurship Education Pro- gramme which is part of a comprehensive community-based approach.


YEPP” as a Key Approach for Rural Development

Its work with marginalised and disadvantaged communities has convinced the YEPP International Resource Centre (YEPP IRC) that enabling rural com- munities to improve their situation, and especially the situation of their youth, should be one of the highest priorities.


YEPP” as a Ley Approach for Roma Communities

YEPP IRC assists communities in improving their situation with their own hands using the “YEPP” Concept of Change working model, and puts an emphasis on finding solutions WITH young people – and not FOR them.