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Working Areas

In order to achieve its Mission and Goals, YEPP IRC has developed six Working Areas which are:

1. Provision of Services

YEPP IRC provides needs-based methodological support to a range of stakeholders in local communities to implement the YEPP Concept of Change and its principles as outlined in the YEPP Manifesto to achieve the overall Goals of youth and community empowerment, partnership, advocacy and learning and the Mission of YEPP IRC.

This support is provided to existing YEPP Local Sites which were “Local Programme Sites” in the previous phases of Youth Empowerment Partnership Programme as well as to communities which will adopt the “YEPP” approach and methodology.

This support will be provided by the YEPP IRC Team and the Coordinator of the EmpowerMediaNetwork, the media branch of the YEPP IRC, for multiple stakeholders participating at community and international level through different tools and activities. These include, for example,

  • regular site visits and consultation and coaching;
  • manuals and handbooks addressing key issues of the “YEPP” approach and methodology as well as key challenges;
  • theme-based international self-development and training;
  • local and international media workshops and exchanges etc.


The needs assessment will be conducted regularly during site visits by the YEPP IRC Team, at international events and through other communication channels.

The provision of services will be a collaborative work of the YEPP IRC Team, members of the YEPP IRC Steering Committee, YEPP Local Sites, as well as local, regional and national YEPP organisations. 

Services to YEPP Local Sites 

Training & Consultancy 

(YEPP Community Network Meeting  - June 2015)



2. Advocacy

YEPP IRC advocates for civic engagement and participation and strives to influence policies at local, regional, national and international level. This includes making the voice of YEPP IRC and the whole YEPP Community heard on political issues regarding youth, e.g. through participation in consultation events of the European Commission, publications in relevant media, holding events with policy-makers.

YEPP IRC supports the participating communities and YEPP Local Sites in strengthening the links to local politicians and authorities.



The YEPP Approach to Advocacy

Advocacy is the act of supporting or arguing in favour of a cause, policy or idea. it is an undertaking to influence public opinion,political decisions and societal attitudes in government, community or institutional policies.

it is about promoting a cause in order to influence decisions so that social change happens.
it is also the foundation of active citizenship, a process through which people learn to participate in decision making at all levels. identifying priorities, crafting a strategy, stepping forward, taking action, and achieving results are critical steps to finding your voice, making yourself heard, and shaping your future.

it is to a large part about lobbying. Lobbying is an activity aimed at influencing politicians to change policies and laws. 


3. International Networking & Partnership

YEPP IRC facilitates the YEPP Community Network and coordinates platforms for international exchange and learning including the effective use of new media.

YEPP IRC acts as a focal point for the YEPP Community and organises international conferences and youth meetings, self-development workshops, training sessions, thematic youth exchanges and media workshops of the EmpowerMediaNetwork.

YEPP IRC strives to establish international partnerships. Tasks include joint project activities as well as presentations at international events and organising events that target specific audiences to further build an expert reputation and reach out to make connections, across Europe and beyond.


4. Dissemination & Expansion

YEPP IRC disseminates and promotes the “YEPP” approach and methodology through different channels across Europe and beyond. YEPP IRC strives to reach more communities in order to broaden its basis and network to enable it to have a stronger voice and impact on policies. Communities can become involved in different ways according to their own needs and conditions, as long as they work in accordance with the YEPP Manifesto.


5. Fundraising & Income-Generation

YEPP IRC engages in fundraising and income-generation in order to build a sustainable basis for the YEPP IRC infrastructure as well as for operational activities. Furthermore, it provides support for stakeholders at all levels to raise funds for implementing activities and for further sustaining the achievements.


6. Coordination & Management

The YEPP IRC Team is responsible for the overall coordination and management of YEPP IRC and ensures that the Mission and the Goals of YEPP IRC are achieved and the Principles are respected. This includes, but is not limited to the development and implementation of the Strategic and Operational Plan, including the Business Plan and the YEPP IRC Evaluation Plan. In cooperation with INA/ICE the YEPP IRC Team works closely with the YEPP IRC Steering Committee and the funders and adheres to legal requirements.