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Services to YEPP Local Sites

The YEPP IRC has developed a wide range of services which are offered to communities within the YEPP Community Network:

The Tried and Tested "YEPP" Approach

YEPP IRC provides the "YEPP" approach and methodology and shows you how to implement it in your community, addressing your specific local problems and issues. It also enables you to build local partnerships and strategies to bring about the changes you need. By working with YEPP IRC you gain access to the YEPP Concept of Change, multiple examples of best practices and to a series of services and networks of practitioners and researchers who can help you make a positive change in your community.

Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation

Evaluation is an integral part of the "YEPP" approach and methodology. This evaluation ensures that you are getting the most out of the "YEPP" approach and are using it to its full potential. Every community implementing "YEPP" has an Evaluation Facilitator who is trained in the Participatory YEPP Monitoring and Evaluation concept (PYME). The Evaluation Facilitator is also fully supported by the the YEPP IRC Team through face-to-face consultations, e-Learning tools and webinars.

Coaching and Site Visits

Regular site visits are also part of the support provided by the YEPP IRC Team and are particularly frequent in the first year of a community’s full implementation of the "YEPP" approach and methodology. A two-day Interim Site Visit takes place three months after the Introduction Workshop. A two-day Evaluation Site Visit takes place at the end of the first year. During these visits, the YEPP IRC Team works with local stakeholders on strengthening youth empowerment, building partnerships with both the public and private sector and helping you to develop policy recommendations to decision-makers.


Online Support

YEPP IRC provides online support to ensure that communities achieve their goals of youth and community empowerment, partnership, advocacy and learning. YEPP IRC also acts as a platform for exchange of best practice and lessons learnt within and outside the YEPP Community Network. Through its e-learning programmes, such as webinars and video tutorials, its online surveys, youth-contests, and interactive website and social media features, YEPP IRC supports international networking, engages in the dissemination of results and regularly monitors local needs to develop tailor-made solutions. Most importantly, young people are given a voice and are empowered through these learning and exchange opportunities.


Manuals and Handbooks

We provide you with a set of fully documented manuals and handbooks such as the YEPP Practitioners’ Handbook, the Evaluation Facilitators’ Manual, the Advocacy Strategies Manual as well as a scientific up-to-date account of the first 10 Years of YEPP published in the book Youth and Community Empowerment in Europe – International Perspectives by Peter Evans and Angelika Krüger. These are important tools to help you with the implementation of the "YEPP" approach and methodology as they feature a wide range of examples of best practice, an in-depth analysis of both internal and external evaluation of the "YEPP" approach and methodology and the lessons learnt from the first 10 Years of the Youth Empowerment Partnership Programme across Europe.

International Networking

As of January 2013, communities in seven different countries (Bosnia & Herzegovina, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Slovakia) are implementing the "YEPP" approach and methodology and new communities are constantly joining the YEPP Community Network. Being part of this network gives you the opportunity to attend our international events (e.g. workshops, youth meetings, conferences), to find partners for joint applications to access European funds and to benefit from our extensive database of best practice and our network of experts in youth and community empowerment.

YEPP Community Network Meeting - May 2014