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Entrepreneurship Workshops

Entrepreneurship in communities with fewer opportunities is one of the priority fields for YEPP IRC engagement. YEPP IRC is continuously developing the working solutions in which workshops and trainings combined with coaching are offered as Entrepreneurship Education package.

The workshops are designed for young people and youth coaches from communities with fewer opportunities. During the workshops young people learn about how to develop their own entrepreneurial idea; how to market and communicate it; how to make financial planning and fundraising and make their ideas a success. Youth coaches learn about the tools of support of youth entrepreneurship, how to promote entrepreneurship in their communities and cooperate with other stakeholders in this field.  

Relevant Events

YEPP IRC International Workshop “Working solutions for young people: Skills and jobs to empower youth and communities across Europe”, October 2012, Berlin, Germany.

Evaluation results of the workshop are avaialble here.

For more information on this package contact: Jochen Schell This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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