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This is a transnational training course for youth leaders, youth workers, trainers and teachers willing to explore the methodologies, values and ethics of creating interesting and valuable digital media content with young people. The course is followed by coaching at local level. Both aim at providing participants with knowledge, skills and capacities needed to foster young people’s reflection on their own identity and helping them express it through the creation and distribution of digital media. Participants will explore how to engage young people in the media activities in a non-formal learning environment; how to foster young people’s communication skills in a participatory, inclusive and non-discriminatory process; how to support them in identifying the relevant issues and express them through the short and meaningful digital media; how to support young people in creating an effective distribution strategy of the media products to reach out and have an impact on their families, friends, local community and broader audience.


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This training is organised and ran by the YEPP IRC Media Division EmpowerMediaNetwork (EMN).

For more information on this package contact: Andrea Serafini This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..