Horse Horoscope 2024 & Accurate Feng Shui Predictions

According to the Chinese horoscope, 2024 will be a dynamic year that will require the Horses to rejuvenate their souls, adjust their attitudes and reclaim some life principles that they have neglected or overlooked lately. Lucky star De (牛) will support these transformations throughout the year, especially from March onward. It is possible that the Horses will change their vision for the future and pursue new ideals.

The Horses will enjoy steady career advancement in 2024. The lucky star Tian Jie 天解 will help them achieve their goals, but they will also have to learn some lessons along the way.

Moreover, the Horses will have to reevaluate their expectations of themselves and their partners in 2024. Their love life will be challenged by the star Fu Chen 浮沉 and they should avoid being indecisive or unfaithful. They should choose one direction and one person to share their journey with.

The Year of the Wood Dragon 2024 will also offer the Horses a chance to let go of their bad habits, those actions that have harmed them in the past, and to start with a desire for purification and spiritual growth. Once they discover the emotional causes of their problems, they will be healed.

The financial situation of the Horses will fluctuate throughout the year, which may tempt them to borrow money. The horoscope of 2024 does not foresee big profits for the Horses, and some debts may remain unsettled.

Please read on to find out more details about the Horse’s horoscope for the Year of the Wood Dragon and to learn what Feng Shui remedies can help you turn 2024 into a year of great luck.

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In the first part of the new year, the Chinese stars advise the Horses born in 1978 to reduce their spending and avoid costly projects or investments that they cannot afford.

Communication is also a challenge for you, which may affect your business performance. You need to focus on improving your skills, even if they do not bring the financial rewards you desire. Be patient, and by the end of 2024 you will surely see the first signs that you are on the right path.

The wait will be worthwhile! You will have a busy year, with limitations and efforts that will often tempt you to quit, but your ambition will keep you going. Your persistence will impress those around you and you will inspire many of your colleagues.


The Year of the Wood Dragon will be a prosperous time for business, especially in the first six months. The star Tian Jie 天解 will inspire the Horse to follow his professional dreams and passions. He should stay motivated and optimistic to make the most of this period. The first half of the year is an ideal time to launch a new business or firm in 2024. The most lucrative sectors in the Year of the Dragon will be technology and arts. The best months to start a business in 2024 are March, April and November.

The Horse can expect career advancement after May. He will achieve his work objectives more easily, which will increase his confidence. For those who are looking for a job or a promotion, April will bring good news. The chances of getting promoted are higher for those born in the year of the Horse in the second half of the year.


The year 2024 will bring many profound changes to the Horse’s personality and emotions. They will have to reevaluate their values and what they share with their partner. The star Fu Chen 浮沉 may cause some unexpected events that could make them lose a lot, so they should be prepared for a major shift in their life and relationship.

However, until September, the Horse can find satisfaction in their home and family. They will support them and help them grow. They may feel more introverted and focused on their inner world. But from September onwards, they will express their desire for fun and enjoyment more openly. They will be attracted to romance, pleasure and love. By November, the Horse will be ready for a big opportunity. It could be the great love of their life or a significant change in their existing love.

They should remember that happiness is not something that happens to them, but something that they create. They should not cling to old, rigid or comfortable plans that don’t serve them anymore. They should be flexible and adaptable to the changing times and circumstances. They will have to transform

Horse Feng Shui Prediction 2024

In the Year of the Wood Dragon, the Horse can harness the power of Feng Shui to enhance their luck and well-being further. Here are two auspicious Feng Shui items to consider:

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Things that Will Bring Horse Luck

Lucky numbers: 3, 7, and numbers containing 3 and 7 (such as 37 and 73)
Lucky days: the 9th and the 23rd day of each Chinese lunar month
Lucky colors: blue, brown, and gray
Lucky flowers: daisy, sunflower, and lavender
Lucky directions: southeast and southwest
Lucky months: the 5th and the 8th Chinese lunar months

2024 Horse Horoscope By Element

Metal Horse 1990:

Horses born in 1990 will experience a lot of excitement in the first half of 2024, as it is a very dynamic period. The key to success at this time is to work hard and show your value and dedication. Be mindful of your emotions and impulses, otherwise you may face some challenges or setbacks. By doing this, you will gain a new perspective and grow as a person, and as a result, achieve your goals. What used to seem like a problem will now become an opportunity.

In contrast, in the second half of the year, hard work will not be enough; you will need a smart strategy to succeed. Trust the process and let things unfold naturally, instead of forcing them or taking unnecessary risks. During this period, prioritize your relationships with others and nurture your connections. They will support you and help you reach your potential.

Earth Horse 1978:

For the Horses born in 1978, the year 2024 will offer many opportunities for growth and development in various aspects of life. You will benefit from the positive influence and support of the people around you, who are also progressing and encouraging you to join them.

You have already achieved a lot, but you are not satisfied with the status quo and you aspire for more. You may feel drawn to pursue further education or explore new career paths. You have a strong focus on your studies and career, which is commendable. Follow your heart and pursue your dreams.

Fire Horse 1966:

For Horses born in 1966, the year 2024 is a time to focus on home and family. You have deep emotional bonds with your loved ones, even if you sometimes hide your feelings. You can handle life’s challenges better when you feel secure and comfortable in your own space. In the year of the Wood Dragon 2024, don’t let worries or fears hold you back. Trust yourself, the power of love and the journey. Life begins when you step out of your comfort zone.

Wood Horse 1954:

The year of the Wood Horse, 2024, is a very auspicious time for you to pursue your deepest aspirations and align your life with your true self. You have the wisdom and the courage to follow your intuition and not let others dictate your choices or limit your potential.

However, you may also face some challenges in your personal relationships especially with your family members. They may not understand or support your vision, or they may have different expectations or needs from you. You need to communicate clearly and respectfully with them, and try to find a balance between your own happiness and theirs.

Water Horse 2002:

2024 will bring you many opportunities to expand your social circle and professional network. The Horse born in the year 2022 will discover that your success depends not only on your own efforts, but also on your ability to cooperate and collaborate with others. You will need to be flexible and adaptable to the changing situations. The faster you can adjust, the more progress you will make. Investing in the best technology, even if it costs more, will pay off in the long run. You will also experience a deeper connection with a friend who may become more than a friend. Be open to love and romance in your life.