Mandarin Ducks – Powerful Feng Shui Love Symbol

How to Boost Your Love Life with the Help of Mandarin Ducks

 Symbolism and Meaning in Feng Shui

Mandarin Ducks are some of the most special waterbirds in the world, they are native from Asia and they are also called “The Far East Rainbow”. The Asians call them the Yin-Yang ducks.

They symbolize love, romance, devotion, affection, and fidelity to the partner, and they are often used to aid single people in finding their partners.

They have exquisite coloring and they live in China, Korea, Japan, and Eastern Siberia, but recently they were “adopted” by the British.

A very interesting fact about these ducks is that they mate for life, thus representing the symbol of eternal love.

mandarin ducks - powerful feng shui symbol for love

Feng Shui Love Cures: Types of Mandarin Ducks for Love Luck

It is said that an Asian man decided to divorce his wife and send her back to her parents’ house.

Before telling her his decision, the man wanted to take a walk around the lake, to gather his thoughts.

He was “interrupted” by two mandarin ducks, sitting on the lake, slightly atilt, as if they were whispering love words to each other.

The ducks’ gestures reminded the man of all the beautiful moments spent with his wife, making him change his mind about the divorce. The ducks saved his marriage and since then, it is believed they are the symbol of love.

The legend says that if you want to have luck in love, a happy marriage or to attract only positive energies in your romantic life, you must tightly tie the necks of a pair of ducks (they can be found in different specific stores, made of wood) with a red ribbon, which is the symbol of tying a successful relationship.

The legend also says that these ducks must be gifted to you by a person with a pure spirit so that the gift can help you find your partner and live a love like in stories.

One of the most beautiful and powerful love symbols in Feng Shui: Mandarin Ducks Sitting on a Lotus Leaf.

These Mandarin Ducks are made of pink quartz and they sit on a lotus leaf. Considered in the Chinese culture as some of the most beautiful birds in the world, in Feng Shui, they represent a powerful symbol of eternal love and happy couples.

Known as the Love Stone, the pick quartz facilitates establishing new friendships and is able to get you closer, with quick steps, of what you’ll consider to be the great love of your life.

Also, in the Feng Shui tradition, the pick quartz ties destinies and has the capacity to help you make peace with someone after a fight.

The Lotus flower on which the Mandarin Ducks are sitting is adding benefits to this symbol of love. The Lotus flower is considered a lucky and auspicious flower.

At the same time, it is a symbol of purity and harmony. In Chinese language, the Lotus seeds are translated as “Lian Jee” and it has the same meaning as the expression: “Every year you’ll have a child”.


In Feng Shui practice, in order for the ducks to ensure prosperity and a fulfilled life, the place where they are set is also important.

To increase luck in your love life, the mandarin ducks must be kept as a pair in the love and marriage corner of the bedroom, living room or office, the corner of the universal love, SE, according to the 8 life aspirations, following the Pa Kua method.

If you are single, to attract a new partner, the mandarin ducks must be placed next to your bedroom bed.

If you are married, to maintain and consolidate your marriage, the mandarin ducks must be placed in the bedroom, on the husband’s side’s nightstand.

This will improve your marriage with a dose of additional romance and it will save from breaking up the couples that are having problems.

Never place a mandarin duck alone or separated from her partner. If it’s possible, keep them well lit.