Powerful 2024 Feng Shui Remedies for Health

The essence of Feng Shui principles within living spaces is to harness and cultivate positive energy, achieved through the strategic use of colors, objects, and the alignment with cardinal points. The ultimate goal is to promote and enhance both physical and mental well-being.

In Chinese culture, Feng Shui art is a cherished practice employed within homes to bolster one’s physical and mental health. It serves as a means to achieve and maintain a harmonious state of being.

With a glance at the Feng Shui analysis for the year 2024, it becomes evident that certain aspects must be carefully considered. Notably, the presence of the illness star 2 in the South East and the misfortune star 5 in the West poses potential health concerns, particularly for individuals with bedrooms or offices situated in the western sector of their homes. These stars have the capacity to influence various health issues, making it imperative to address and mitigate their impact through thoughtful Feng Shui practices.

Also, the population from the western part of the county, country or world is prone to health problems.The most affected are pregnant women and the elderly.

In 2024, we need to be careful about our diet because the stars facilitate an overweight tendency. In the Year of the Dragon 2024, it is recommended to avoid excess carbohydrate consumption.

There is a considerable risk of gastric, intestinal, and pancreatic affections.

The KITCHEN should be ideally located in one of the four inauspicious sectors of the Family Patriarch or Matriarch and should be used to press down on bad luck.

So if the kitchen is situated in the:

  • sheng chi direction- the kitchen will bring you bad success luck: unpopularity, lack of livelihood and miscarriages
  • health chi direction- the kitchen will absorb all your energy, you become tired easily, and weakness and laziness.
  • love chi direction- the kitchen will burn as there will be excessive fire chi, there will be endless arguments and bickering. If single will find hard to get married.
  • personal growth direction- life will be dull, with no action, constant dissatisfaction, and poor luck. Most harmful as it deprives you of your achievements and happiness.
  • bad luck direction- the kitchen will protect you from losing money and cheaters*five ghosts direction- you will seldom get sick and find success to come by easily
  • six killings direction- bad luck goes away fast and your family will enjoy success luck
  • total loss direction- you will have good health and all your bad luck will be pressed down

These are the Most Powerful Feng Shui Remedies for Health Recommended in The Wood Dragon 2024

Golden Wu Luo

Wu Lou is a powerful symbol of longevity, health, prosperity, and overall abundance. It is recommended to place a Golden Wu Luo in the North-East zone.

Also, it is often placed in the bedroom (regardless of the cardinal point), on the nightstand, at the end of the bed, and/or it is recommended to wear a Wu Lou amulet in the purse/ in the pocket to gain even stronger protection. All three options are recommended!

If you own a hollow Wu Lou, you can fill it with 2-3 spoons of salt to increase its power.

The salt can be placed in the sun for a short time for purification purposes and to fully eliminate humidity, but if there is no sun, you can put the salt directly from the package.

Also, wearing a Wu Lou keyring or talisman in the handbag, pocket or car is something we highly recommend because it can protect you against negative energies, accidents, and misfortunes.

Green Aventurine Hand Carved Happy Buddha

Green Aventurine Happy Buddha Statue , recommended as a remedy in 2024 against illness and medical problems for all chinese zodiac signs. Buddha’s imagine will absorb all the mischievous energies surrounding you.

The green aventurine is recognized for its properties of alleviating anxiety and extreme emotions and also, it is a stone that brings luck for those who like to place various bets or gamble. It increases the humorous side and the joy of the owner. It attracts opportunities for travels and it brings luck in your love life.

greenlucky happy buddha

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The green aventurine is also helpful for various physical or mental issues, such as heart, lungs affections and it also increases the body’s flexibility. It is often used to improve eyesight.


Symbol of longevity, mainly due to its resistance and its characteristic of remaining green throughout the year. Twisted stem bamboo (symbolizing longevity and prosperity that lasts for generations) and solid stem bamboo (symbolizing a life free of illness) are varieties associated with health. Place a lucky bamboo in the western sector of your house.

lucky feng shui bamboo plant remedy for health

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Feng Shui Tortoise Turtle

Where to place the Feng Shui Tortoise Turtle:

To gain good fortune, health and long life for all the members of your family, in the Year of the Wood Dragon 2024, place the Feng Shui Tortoise Turtle in the western sector of your house;

If you wish to be protected against dangers that might come from outside your home, to prevent accidents and sickness, place a Feng Shui Tortoise Turtle at the main entrance of your house, facing the door.

If you suffer from anxiety or insomnia is giving you a hard time, place a Feng Shui Tortoise Turtle on the upper side of the bed. At the same time, this positioning will help the children who are afraid to sleep alone in their bedrooms.

The Tortoise Turtle will watch over your sleep and will suppress all negative energies and nightmares;

feng shui glass turtle

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If you wish to attract luck in your professional life and to obtain a flourishing career, place the Tortoise Turtle in the northern sector of your house or office.

At the office, place a Tortoise Turtle behind the area where you conduct your activities and you will be protected against any betrayals by co-workers and, at the same time, it will increase your authority, ensuring a quick promotion;

If you want to have scions, place a Tortoise Turtle in the west sector – this is the sector for descendants;

If you have an aquarium at home or at the office, you can place a statue illustrating a Tortoise Turtle inside the aquarium, because this is its natural environment and it will help everyone around it.

You need to check if the material the statue is made of is water-resistant and, before inserting it in the aquarium, it must be properly washed and sundried.

Crystal Meditation Ball

This crystal protects against external influences and it has the role to revitalize the skin, the organs, and the nerves. It regulates the temperature level of the body and prevents heat stroke. Symptoms such as shaking, excessive sweating and coldness, fear, and panic can be alleviated in a short time.

Crystal Meditation Ball Globe

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This crystal can eliminate negative energies, by creating protective fields around its owner, increasing the body’s immune system, making it more resistant to any sickness that might affect it.

According to the Feng Shui masters, the Feng Shui Ball Globe symbolizes the absolute union between heaven, the earth, and human beings, and you can carry it in the handbag or place it in the health area or in the living room to protect the entire family against illness or accidents.

Metalic Chinese Balls

These gorgeous metallic Chinese balls intended for health and relaxation are decorated with Dragon and Phoenix symbols. When the balls are rotated in the palm, they make therapeutic sounds for spiritual and mental relief.

Chinese Health Exercise Stress Balls

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A very special oriental Feng Shui piece of art to maintain health. The Chinese balls for relaxation are presented in a special exquisite box, decorated with Chinese silk embroideries.

The Chinese medical theory claims that by using solid wood Chinese balls, we will stimulate different acupunctural points of the palm, which in turn will increase the Chi energy flow of the entire body.

It is believed that through daily practice, the Chinese balls can be of help in healing and improving many health aspects: to relax muscles and joints, to improve memory, to improve blood circulation, arthritis, to alleviate rigidity and pain, to reduce fatigue and stress, to prevent and cure arterial hypertension, to improve the overall health.

Brass Cranes Stepping on Turtle

The Bird of Immortality – Crane – symbolizes longevity, matrimonial harmony, and wisdom.

The crane is the second bird used to attract wealth, the first favorite bird being the Phoenix. Two cranes sitting together suggest eternal love and happy marriage.

The tortoise turtle is the best representation of longevity. It is said that the cranes can live up to one thousand years, but the legend of the tortoise turtle’s longevity claims they live over 3000 years; that’s why they are a prevalent symbol among those who wish to have a long and healthy life.

Because it is the bearer of the Lo Shu magic square, which is the foundation of all Feng Shui theories, the Tortoise Turtle is also the symbol of Heaven and Earth, of Protection and Wealth.

How to use the Cranes Stepping on Turtle in Feng Shui for a better life:
The Crane Stepping on Turtle for longevity and health can be placed on the house’s west side, which is an adequate corner for children and old people.

It can also be placed in the garden. The symbol of the Crane in the garden can bring harmony and happiness to the house.

When placed in the south, it can bring opportunities for material comfort and eliminate any career obstacles.
Place it on the north side for health, wealth, longevity, and luck in relationships and to attract people who could help in life.

General Feng Shui Tips for Increasing Your Health in 2024:

If the left side of the room you plan to decorate according to the Feng Shui principles is darker, it is recommended to keep the windows open for as long as possible and to add proper curtains and drapes, so that the light can reach these zones.

If there are sinks or draining channels in the zone associated with health, it is recommended to keep them covered when they are not in use, to prevent the risk of draining the Chi energy.

Keep all the bedroom doors closed at night, including those from the closet, to prevent the energy from leaving the room and to strengthen health.

The Feng Shui experts claim that is better to have a pet in the house – a dog, a cat, a fish – because they activate the Chi energy.