Teal Front Door Meaning in Feng Shui

Feng Shui encourages us to live in harmony with the environment and with its energy lines and creates a balance between the forces of nature.

The Main Door – The Place Where We Feed The House With Chi

The entrance door of the house (the front door – also known as the „Mouth of Chi”) is very important in Feng Shui, regardless if it’s the house door, the office door, the company door, etc. In Feng Shui, the house becomes Chi and the energy (food) enters the house through the entrance door, thus the stronger, the healthier, and the more balanced is the door, the more beneficial is the energy for those living in the house.

It is best if this door is solid, in order to inspire safety and protection. Wooden doors are more propitious than glass doors. An ideal situation is if the main door opens towards an open space, both inside and outside the house.

A color of particular meaning for the front door is teal.

Is Teal a Good Feng Shui Color For The Front Door?

Let’s talk further about the significance of the front door color. There are several color rules that apply depending on which direction you have your home entrance. If the orientation is to the South then according to Feng Shui principles it should not be white. White doors are recommended for houses facing south-west and north-east. North-facing doors, on the other hand, should have darker shades.

A color with special significance for the front door is teal. Teal is a blue-green which is a little darker than cyan, originally derived from the name of a bird – the Eurasian teal – whose head is similarly colored.

It should also be noted that teal is not the same as turquoise. They both have shades of blue and green, except that teal is quite darker and less saturated, while turquoise is rather light and actually includes elements of yellow.

In Feng Shui, the teal color is a powerful symbol of abundance. It can help you attract wealth, prosperity, success, and all good things into your life and it is an excellent idea to use it for your front door. You can also use teal for your front door if you want to focus on developing your inner self through self-knowledge and self-cultivation.

Improving the Bad Feng Shui of the Front Door

The most „unhappy” situations are when, even if it opens towards an optimally arranged hallway, the main access door is on the same axis as the bathroom, toilet, bedroom or kitchen.

The Feng Shui „superstitions” regarding these types of layouts indicate that in case the bathroom or the toilet can be seen from the entrance, the respective family might always remain poor, with no luck, the positive energies being „swallowed” and neutralized by the evil potential of the Water element, which is in permanent movement within these facilities (in fact, these aspects were covered in the „Feng Shui” rubric of the previous number of the magazine).

If the house entrance door opens towards the master bedroom, this layout can have negative consequences on the health and vitality of the family members: they will always be tired, exhausted, and lacking in strength.

Last but not least, in case the kitchen is visible from the entrance, it seems that everyone from the respective house – both residents and occasional guests – is prone to… bulimia.

According to Feng Shui, the explanation of this „phenomenon” is that by viewing the kitchen, right from the moment of stepping inside the house, instantly activates hunger and the thought of a delicious meal.

Also, highly inadvisable is opening the door directly towards the interior stairs – either ascending, to the upstairs facilities, or downward – to the cellar or basement: in both cases, the positive energy coming from the exterior gets dissipated before it passes through the rooms of the house.

If it’s the case, install a small light bulb at the entrance of your house to light the way for the energy that enters the house. Thus, the energy will be attracted to your house.

Inside, the piece of space can be a hallway, and outside it can be a garden. A chandelier placed in the hallway, in front of the main door is an excellent Feng Shui activator.

Always maintain the exterior and the interior space next to the main door clean and in good order.
Reunite the energy of the five elements to symbolize a universe of beneficial energy.

Water brings the flow of wealth, Fire brings success and recognition, Metal brings protection and force, Earth brings luck for stability, while Wood – growth and expansion. Use your creativity to generate these five elements near the door.

The presence of energy generated by Metal as celestial guardians, such as Chi Lin or Fu dogs, flanking the main door offers strong protection against disturbing energies.

Activate the guardians by tying them with a red ribbon or by placing a red carpet between them.

The doors need to always open towards the interior, never towards the exterior, so that the luck can enter the house and never leave. This rule doesn’t apply to the back door of the house.

Never place too much furniture in the hallway. A good idea is to place lucky symbols near the front door.

For example, a statue representing a horse, placed in the entrance hallway creates a wonderful Yang energy. Choose a statue that doesn’t have an aggressive stance.
The fans of martial arts know that the horse position means to stand upright and undisturbed.

The image of a horse will help you „anchor” your house well, which will enhance the luck and no bad energy will be able to enter the house.
Moreover, the horse offers fame and recognition to the family.

The door rug needs to stay outside the house. Don’t write your name on it.

The main doors should not be placed facing high ground. If the ground is so uneven that behind the house, the level is lower than in the front, the situation is extremely unfavorable.

In this case, you need to either change the direction of the door or, if this is not possible, hang a big enough mirror, that can reflect the height in front of it. However, this situation is not beneficial and it needs to be corrected as soon as possible.

Great attention is required regarding the drain channels situated in front of the main door. Don’t place them near the front door benches or metallic objects because they can hinder the entry of the energies that are considered good for the peace and the harmony of the house.

In order to attract positive vibes, it is indicated to place flowers near the main door. A flower pot with roses or firs at the house entrance will ensure that positive energies enter your home.

In 2022, the year of the Tiger , the direction and the color of the door is very important in Feng Shui, thus, in order to gain the best energy, it is recommended to choose a Feng Shui color that is in harmony with the Feng Shui setting in front of it.

From the table below, you can use the last two columns so you can get a better idea of how you can energize the door to attract more luck.

Your Kua NumberThe Direction of Sheng Chi or SuccessThe Best Door DesignThe Most Suitable Color for the Door
1South EastRectangularGreen, Brown
2North EastSquareSallow, Ochre
TriangularRed, Coppery
4NorthCorrugatedBlack, Blue
5North East for men
South West for women
SquareSallow, Ochre
7North WestRoundWhite
8South WestSquare
Sallow, Ochre
9EastRectangularGreen, Brown