Good and Bad Feng Shui Plants for Office

What does feng shui say about plants?

It turns out almost everyone nowadays, which naturally involves feng shui enthusiasts, is a houseplant enthusiast! From a feng shui perspective, plants and trees signify upliftment, rebirth, and vigor. 

At the same time, they comprise the wood component in the five-element system. Nurturing and watching plants grow and flourish can also impart to us great insight into patience, kindness, generosity, richness, and the world of nature.

The principal goal of incorporating plants into our living space is to create abundance and good vibes. Symbolic plants with auspicious significance are recommended, particularly plants associated with richness. That’s important since your office is the space in which you produce your revenue.

Plants bring vibrancy to a room, and Feng Shui office plants could benefit you and your career in countless other exciting ways. Although many different indoor plants are appropriate for an office, here are some Feng Shui plant choices for your workplace:

Plants add life to a space and Feng Shui Plants for Offices can help you and your career in many more ways. While there are a variety of indoor plants that are suited for a workstation, the following are some  great recommendations for Feng Shui plants for the office:

Jade Plant: The jade plant with circular, coin-like margins is said to be very conducive to an office environment since it draws affluence and good luck.

Rubber Plant: Widely regarded among the top Feng Shui plants for the office, it boosts your prosperity if positioned in the northwest side of the workplace.

Lucky Bamboo: A true emblem of richness and abundance, the lucky bamboo must be displayed in the northeast area of the office in order to be able to experience wealth. It requires just a bit or no direct daylight to thrive and will perform nicely even in air-conditioned offices in which probably the majority of other plants might perish.

lucky feng shui bamboo plant remedy for health

Peace Lily: Especially recognized for cleansing the environment, the Peace Lily is a Feng Shui plant particularly suitable for the office. Encourages good psychological and body well-being.

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Tips for Placing Plants in the Workplace

The focus is on the entrance to the office

The entrance door itself remains among the key focus zones in your office. This is where you greet customers and really shape the overall business success. The office entrance door is the very first perception your new clients experience. At the same time, it makes a strong point about your creativity, productivity, cost-effectiveness, and leadership abilities. Placing plants at the entry creates a vibrant mood. In addition, the air flows most freely here. Making use of potted plants, suspended plants, or even a combination of both, creates the perfect ambiance.

Boost new business and wealth

The addition of plants that soar upward, such as a bamboo plant or a tall potted plant, will empower fresh ventures and richness when positioned in the Bliss or Connections zone of your office layout.

Avoid these plants when decorating your office

The absolute worst feng shui plants for an office incorporate every plant that occupies an excessive surface, preventing the smooth circulation of energy throughout the office.

Furthermore, cactus, spiky or stingy plants, and also untended, dry, or ill plants may bring harmful vibes into the working space.

Soften sharp corners and dead space

Areas of the office that have sloped ceilings, sharp corners, or jutting walls benefit by adding plants to soften up the space. These areas are negative energy enhancers because they stop the natural flow of chi through the room. Plants will bring some life back into these dead spaces.

Keep in Mind That Wood is Very Important

In order to enhance your career prospects, using any wood in the fame zone of your office chart is essential. Likewise, consider choosing a woody plant like a ficus or a money tree.

Remember to include plants in your cubicle – welcome nature into your cubicle

Plenty of plants are a counterpoint to staying in nature. In the office, plants radiate a positive vibe and drain away all negative energy.

Stones and crystals improve the focus and can support healthy living

The most attractive spot to arrange stones or crystals is the soil of a plant growing in a pot. Those will double as an ornamental covering.

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