Dog Horoscope 2024 & Feng Shui Guide for the Year Ahead

The Dog Horoscope 2024 predicts that the Year of the Dragon will bring many significant events and opportunities for those born in the Year of the Dog. They can expect to achieve remarkable results at work in the beginning of 2024, thanks to the star Guo Yin 国印 that grants them authority, career progress and social recognition. Moreover, the months of February and April will be very favorable for their financial situation, but they should be careful not to boast about it or waste it imprudently.

However, they should also remain modest and avoid risky ventures, especially during June-July, when the star Lan Gan 払干 (Obstacle Star) will cause financial troubles and unexpected expenses. The presence of this star in their chart advises caution when trading, as there is a high chance of financial loss.

If they study, this year will be a favorable one. They will reap the rewards of their hard work, but they need to arm themselves with patience, because the much-desired results do not come so quickly. They will have all the support of the professionals in their field.

Talking about family life, according to Horoscope 2024 for the zodiac sign Dog, this year will be less good than the previous one. They may have to move away from their family for some reason, and the new place they end up in may make them feel uncomfortable.

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A lucky year awaits Dog natives both financially and materially. You will feel financial stability throughout the year. In addition, there is a good chance that some unexpected sources of income will appear just when you least expect it.

Maybe for this reason you will tend to spend more on seemingly unimportant things. You should try to stay away from these impulse purchases so as not to affect your income, but also because this way you will actually manage to save.

The end of the year will find you in a great position financially and you’ll be able to afford that vacation you’ve been dreaming of all year.


The Dog will have a strong work ethic in 20224. Work will be a source of comfort and stability when they face challenges in other areas of life. These natives have a knack for finding productive and rewarding work opportunities.

Working extra hours will not only provide them with a sense of accomplishment, but also help them recover from the financial setbacks of the previous year.

To maintain a positive work environment, the best strategy they can adopt is to avoid reporting their colleagues’ mistakes or shortcomings to their superiors.

Feng Shui Guide for the Dog in 2024

In 2024, two special Feng Shui items will bring good luck and protect our beloved Dogs:

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  • Lucky numbers: 3, 4, and numbers containing 3 and 4 (such as 34 and 43)
  • Lucky days: the 6th and the 16th day of each Chinese lunar month
  • Lucky colors: green, red, and purple
  • Lucky flowers: marigold, orchid, and primrose
  • Lucky directions: northeast and northwest
  • Lucky months: the 8th and the 12th Chinese lunar months


The start of the Dragon Year 2024 will be favorable for married Dogs. Your spouse will support you and help you achieve wealth and respect. You will resolve any conflicts between you throughout the year.

Your children will have good luck and succeed in their studies or work. Your love life will be excellent in 2024. You will work hard to improve your relationship with your lover, who you may marry after mid-year. If your partner has to travel at the beginning of the year, keep in touch with them and share your feelings.

You can expect a moderate end of the year for your love and relationship luck, Dog, but watch out for Bao Wei 豹尾 (Leopard Tail Star) in your chart, which may create some difficulties and distract you from your personal life. To lessen the effect of Bao Wei 豹尾, spend more time at home with your loved ones. Also, plan some fun activities with them that will make everyone happy!

2024 Dog Horoscope by Element

The Chinese zodiac sign of the Dog is further classified into different elements, which determine the individual characteristics and fortunes of people born under the sign. Here’s a closer look at the 2024 Dog Horoscope by Chinese Element:

Water Dog 1982: Dogs born in 1982 belong to the Water element, which makes them sensitive, intuitive, and emotionally complex. In 2024, Water Dogs can expect to enjoy increased stability and success in their personal and professional lives. They may receive recognition for their hard work and experience financial growth. However, it’s important for Water Dogs to maintain a balance between work and personal life to avoid burnout.

Metal Dog 1970: Metal Dogs born in 1970 will face minor problems occasionally, but even so you should not ignore them. They have to be more careful and take care of them especially during the period from April to December.

Wood Dog 1994: Dogs born in 1994 belong to the Wood element, which makes them ambitious, adaptable, and creative. In 2024, Wood Dogs can expect to experience significant growth and expansion in their careers. They may receive new job offers or opportunities to start their own business. However, Wood Dogs need to prioritize self-care and maintain a work-life balance to avoid burnout.