December 2023 Horoscope – Sun Signs Predictions

Here is the December monthly horoscope, the last month of the transformative year 2023. As you will end your year? Are you ready for 2024 and the Year of the Dragon?

How do the stars influence you this month? December 2023 has Mercury’s fourth retrograde entry this year as its central piece! However, the other events don’t disappoint either. December is expected to be busy, and we don’t just refer to seasonal shopping. Find out more about the astrological events of December 2023 by reading the horoscope written by our experts.


What a rare opportunity you have in December. By the looks of things, you’re ready for fun and romance! You need someone special to take you to the heights of life right now.

You’ll be more passionate than you’ve been in a long time and can also benefit from other people’s resources. This month, there is an undeniable urge to merge and immerse yourself with others. Whether it’s a joint project or a business partnership, you’ll luck out.

With a major pile-up of power planets (the Sun, Pluto and Mercury) in your house of the higher mind, it’s a perfect time to enhance yourself by traveling or taking a course that improves your career options.

Next month, you’ll be a powerhouse in your professional life, so why not take some time to enjoy intimate relationships right now.


December is dynamic for you, Bulls! Your ruler, Venus, runs smack into sexy Mars in your house of partners. An added bonus is a powerful gathering of planets (Sun, Pluto and Mercury) in the eight house of extreme sharing.

This is a double-whammy steamy kind of energy! Your romantic and sex life will be groovy and very important to you. So are your joint partnerships? Prepare to shashy towards greater fulfillment with partnerships, intimate and otherwise.

Sudden new connections made through friends are promising this month! Your work situation improves with the help
of Jupiter and Neptune. These two are working together to polish your self-image and career!


Your creativity is at an all-time high while Jupiter, the planet of luck, trines Neptune in your career house. It’s an ideal time to get ahead in your profession. Be brave enough to express yourself and you’ll delight to find your boss and co-workersthink you’re a total genius!

If you are a single Gem, you’ll be happy to hear that Venus and Mars in your house of work and everyday routines means that you could find love in your day-to-day regime. Romance is promised while at work or doing laps in the gym. If you’re already taken, you’ll find more fun when you plan to work out together or get yourselves more organized as a power couple.

While your ruler Mercury goes retro in your house of partners, it’s the perfect time to address those “issues” you have with them finally. You just won’t be able to bite your tongue any longer, and why should you? If someone’s been driving you
crazy, tell them why! Yet, with powerful Pluto close by, make sure not to blow things out of proportion. It’s wise to be kind.


Fairy tales can come true, especially when you have a rare conjunct of Venus and Mars in Scorpio in your house of love.
Romance will be wonderful this month. If you are single, you have a good chance of meeting someone new.

Keep focused on improving your health and work situation while Mercury, the Sun and Pluto inspire you to find alternative resources to better yourself. This Mercury retro could bring back a blast from the past, an old diet, health regime or exercise you use to do. Maybe you”ll decide to return to a fitness class you used to take.

While Jupiter is in the house of home improvement trine Neptune in the house of credit cards, it might be a good idea to take advantage of reduced rates to either purchase real estate or improve your domicile. Family life and entertaining at home are favored under these stars!


You’re a Leo, so no doubt you’ve gathered some fans already. But did you know they are actually dreaming about you these days? With Neptune in your house of partners squaring off the sexy energy of Venus and Mars in your personal house, I expect you’ll soon find out just how wonderful others think you are!

Your ability to express yourself is at an all-time peak with Jupiter in your house of communicating powerfully and respecting your ruling planet the Sun, Mercury and Pluto! Sure you could spend some time conjuring up a new spicy self-image.
But just imagine what could happen when you tap into the powerfully creative lineup of planets in your house of talents!
It’s time to advance yourself through study or practice. There’s an artistic soul within you that is ready to be unleashed! Try writing, acting, music or dance and to bring those hidden talents to surface. Under these kinds of skies, a mere month of study could produce desired or at least encouraging results!

Venus and Mars arrive in your house of romance just in time for the holidays! This should be a season to remember. While single leos could meet someone new at a party, mated Lions could be thinking of marriage or even starting a family!


Your ruler’s retro alright, yet there’s no reason to be shy about speaking your mind, especially on the home front.Whether you are ready to toss some old furniture out or have more drastic plans in mind, you’ve got the wherewithall to take charge of your personal life. And that’s a good thing Virgo, cause it’s time to renovate your personal life!

This rare Mars/Venus conjunction in Scorpio works well for you in the house of short trips and journeys. It’s a fine time for a romantic getaway. Communication is smooth and could even bring suprising good news.

Your finances could improve this month as a result of some creative planing on your part. Lucky Jupiter will be in your money house all year but this is one of the best months to
figure out just how you are going to make it happen!


The new moon in your house of communication and education could be a sign that something new will peek your interest! If you do get attracted to a new idea or course of study it’s a good idea to go for it.

Every year around this time, your ruler Venus tours your house of money.It makes me wonder if Libras spend more money or get more gifts during the holiday season than the other signs? Whether you’re usually on the giving or receiving end, something different should happen this year. The rare conjunction of Venus and Mars in Scorpio might even change your spending style. This is a steamy combination so don’t be
surprised if you suddenly feel the need to invest in something that will make you feel more sexy and powerful. New clothing, a toy or even cosmetic surgery might be running thru your head now.

Don’t go over board or over your budget this holiday season.
Mercury is retrograde and you might change your mind next month. Take some time to reflect and think before you spend!

Expect to be popular this holiday season! Lucky Jupiter in your sign will make sure you get invited out. And with mysterious Neptune nicely aspecting from your house of love, it’s possible you’ll meet someone new and dreamy!


December is an amazing month that could turn you into a devotee of the power of positive thinking!
The rare conjunction of Venus and Mars in your sign
makes you first in line for profitable and promising connections with others. This month you take on the same big screen high
voltage charisma of Hillary Clinton and other powerful Scorpions!

If you are looking for romance, you’ll easily find it now. This could be one of the most exciting months in years for you to connect with a Powermate!

Take advantage of the massive planetary lineup in your house of finance, especially the Mercury retrograde, to review your money matters. Try taking a free course at or read a Suzy Orman book and see how easy it is to make money once you’re focused on it! .


Expect to be on overdrive this month while three powerful planets are in your first solar house! You’re thinking a lot aren’t you? Just remember that Mercury is retrograde in your sign till the end of the month, so best to put off major decisions till the New Year.

No doubt you’ll have a big list of resolutions! Making money will be at the top of the list. Next month, you’ll get a real opportunity to advance yourself and your bank account.

December is a fine month to expand your social circle. Luck awaits you in group and social situations so take advantage
of every invitation that comes your way and make sure to bring your business cards! Networking through friends pays off!

By mid month the love planets, Venus and Mars, enter your sign. It’s a sure bet that you could meet someone new. This added charisma will make you a big hit at holiday parties.
This perfect picture gives you a great start to bring in the New Year!


Finish up your workload early this month. You’ll want to be free by the holidays because it looks like you’ll have a wonderful time enjoying yourself with others!
Just before Christmas, the Sun enters your own sign and makes a delightful aspect with Uranus. You’ll be more daring and even flirtatious at parties. Most of all, you’ll have fun!

If you are a single goat, you could finally meet someone perfect due to an introduction from a friend.
Goats with partners will find great fun when they double up for a nite on the town with friends!

Your career is going up with Lucky Jupiter in your professional house. This month, Neptune throws a promising aspect from your house of money. I imagine you’ve just come up with an inspired idea about creating a good cash flow.
New creative finance ventures pay off!


At least, it should be this month. That rare Venus and Mars conjunction in sexy Scorpio takes place in your most public month. This holiday season is when you suddenly get noticed!
You have flair and enough pizzazz to make long-lasting impressions on the boss or other VIPs in your life.

The New Moon takes place in your house of future goals. This could signify that you are ready to take a huge step in a new direction. If that’s the case you already know, you should go for it! The current planetary lineup of 4 planets
there in the visionary sign of Sagittarius means that you have just the right resources and connections to make dreams happen!

You’ll be shining in the work arena this month. It’s a good bet that you could meet someone new there. Romance comes from professional connections or with an established person of high ranking.


Go ahead and refuse to play by the rules! With firey Mars about to enter your professional house, you’ll be more daring and ready than you’ve been in a long time to try something new. With the Sun, Mercury, Pluto and Venus all in your career house, you’re favored over others, so it’s a good time to apply for a new job or position. However, remember that Mercury is retrograde until the 20th, so try not to begin till then. Your ruler Jupiter sextiles that powerful lineup of planets which is just added insurance that you’re about to break free and succeed.

Romantic fishes find exotic others appealing this month. With Venus and Mars together in the house of long-distance affairs, you could meet someone foreign over the internet or by traveling. The more mysterious they appear to you, the more attractive you’ll find them!

Now that you know what will happen, find out how to make your own future!