Feng Shui for Bathroom in 2024 – Colors, Plants and Decorations

How do I feng shui my bathroom?

Taking a more conventional feng shui approach, bathrooms carry a negative reputation since they are considered to absorb and discharge good vibes. That is due to the fact that ‘Chi’, or positive energy, is signified by water, and will be either stalled or leaking through pipes and drains from the bathroom.

In terms of energy, feng shui specialists believe that bathrooms have the least flow. A proper reflection of yourself is what you need to be able to see, so be certain to properly hook up your bathroom mirror and also pay close attention to illumination. The bathroom mirror should have a good size, be made of high-quality materials, and be distortion-free.

Inside a feng shui bathroom, you should concentrate on materials that enhance the “earth element”, an element that can introduce sustenance and centeredness to your living space. Not surprisingly, such materials are sourced straight from Mother Nature.

How to bring good Feng Shui in your Bathroom bathroom in 2024

A salt lamp

A salt lamp is a symbol of purification, healing, and relaxation in feng shui. It can also balance the humidity and ions in your bathroom. You can place a salt lamp on your vanity, shelf, or bathtub. A good option is this [Himalayan Salt Lamp] that is made of natural pink salt and has a dimmer switch.

A fountain

A fountain is a symbol of wealth, abundance, and flow in feng shui. It can also activate the water element and bring harmony and balance to your bathroom. You can place a fountain on your countertop, floor, or wall. A good option is a Tabletop Water Fountain that features a ceramic vase and a bamboo spout.

A dragon

A dragon is a symbol of power, protection, and success in feng shui. It can also ward off negative energy and enhance your career prospects. You can place a dragon on your wall, cabinet, or door. A good option is this Metal Dragon Wall Art that is made of iron and has a rustic finish.

A peacock

A peacock is a symbol of beauty, grace, and love in feng shui. It can also attract romance, happiness, and admiration to your bathroom. You can place a peacock on your shower curtain, towel, or rug. A good option is this Peacock Shower Curtain that has a colorful and elegant design and comes with hooks.

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A lotus

A lotus is a symbol of purity, enlightenment, and rebirth in feng shui. It can also inspire you to overcome challenges and achieve your goals. You can place a lotus on your soap dish, toothbrush holder, or tissue box. A good option is this Lotus Bathroom Accessory Set that includes four pieces made of ceramic and has a white and gold color scheme.

10 Tips to Create a Feng Shui Bathroom Space

Fixtures Placement

Bathtub installation should be placed on the southwest corner and the WC on the south side of the bathroom.

The bathroom sink must also permit a person who is cleaning his hands to be able to easily view the bathroom entrance. A mirror reflecting the bathroom door is a good Feng Shui cure for creating great Feng Shui in a bathroom.

Fine-tune Your Mirror

You want to get a good reflection, so ensure you properly mount your bathroom mirror and give some extra importance to illumination. 

The mirrors will soak up positive and negative vibes. Mirrors bring balance to bathroom spaces and enhance the environment. 

Separated into segments, broken or scuffed mirrors need to be eliminated from a Feng Shui bathroom. Two mirrors may be arranged next to each other. Circular, elliptical or loose-shaped bathroom mirrors are perfect for Feng Shui bathroom interior design.

Choose Suitable Colors for Your Feng Shui Bathroom

It’s advisable to steer clear of colors like red, black, brown, and dark gray for your bathroom, as these hues are associated with indoor environments that can potentially bring negative energies. Instead, opt for lighter shades and soothing pastels, as well as colors inspired by water for a more favorable Feng Shui bathroom design.

Consider these Feng Shui color choices for your bathroom:

  • Pale Blue: This color evokes a sense of calmness and is deeply connected to water. Choose lighter pastel shades of blue for a tranquil atmosphere.
  • Teal and Greens: Green represents hope and serenity. Pair it with warmer shades like wood tones or towels and fabrics in earthy colors to balance the coolness of green.
  • Rose, Blush, and Peach: These gentle colors can create a soothing and harmonious atmosphere in your bathroom.
  • White and Creamy White: Opt for white tones with a touch of warmth, such as those with ochre pigmentation. These shades are inviting and prevent the bathroom from feeling too cold.
  • Yellow: Yellow encourages socializing and creativity. When combined with white, it promotes a creative and open environment.
  • Silver and Light Wood Colors: These colors can add a touch of elegance and balance to your bathroom design.
  • Purple and Lilac: These gentle and balanced colors, created by mixing red and blue, are well-suited for a Feng Shui bathroom. They pair beautifully with green accents like plants.

In addition to color choices, consider the shapes and sizes of your bathroom furniture and fixtures. Feng Shui principles suggest avoiding sharp corners and angles. Instead, opt for circular or oval forms and flowing contours. Furniture with squared shapes and chunky pieces may bring negative chi energy, so it’s best to avoid them in your bathroom design. By incorporating these suggestions, you can create a more harmonious and balanced bathroom space according to Feng Shui principles.

Is it Good Feng Shui to Have Plants in the Bathroom?

Similar to the bedroom, many people consider plants in the bathroom to have a terrible effect on Feng Shui. But as long as plants blend in with the scenery and their numbers are not too large, they can provide a boost to your bathroom’s overall good energy.

Cleansing and refreshing are two major topics coming into focus in every bathroom. Including a few stunning evergreens in your bathroom is a great idea. Such plants not only will clear the atmosphere and assist in maintaining the vibrancy of your bathroom but will also appear gorgeous in doing so. 

Keep the Toilet Lid and Drains Closed

Perhaps the greatest Feng Shui challenge of any bathroom is simply the fact that chi can exit the chamber from a variety of different points.

Drains in showers, sinks and toilets are just a few of the numerous locations from which chi can flow out from the bathroom. In order to keep this leakage in check, it is advisable to constantly have the toilet seat lowered and the drains sealed. Yeah, this is likely much simpler stated than actually implemented, and folks might occasionally forget, but turning this into regular practice can wonderfully impact the Feng Shui in your bathroom.

The Ideal Direction of the Toilet

Experts in feng-shui believe that northwest or west is the right positioning in the bathroom for the toilet. A different beneficial side of the chamber can be the south. Still, you should definitely not choose to have the toilet on the northeast or east side of the bathroom.

Keep the Five Elements in Balance

In Feng Shui, harmony is crucial. You will want to ensure the five elements (water, earth, metal, wood, and fire) are fully expressed in each room. For example, you don’t particularly like to see just one element overpowering the rest, particularly in a tiny bathroom. There are a variety of different factors which can really add some balance to the elements, for instance, what paint you picked for the walls, decor pieces, scenery and more.

Leave the Bathroom Door Shut

Like the toilet seat, the bathroom entrance is just an additional channel for energy to escape from the bathroom and leak through the drain. Typically, for an all-around good feng shui, always try to leave the bathroom door closed. Doing so will certainly minimize the chance of beneficial chi flowing away.

Clean the Bathroom Regularly

Because the bathroom is a chamber for the cleaning and detoxification of the body, be certain to perform a thorough cleaning on a regular basis. If possible, try to use sustainable cleaners that are non-toxic. It’s super cheap to craft your own cleaning solutions and also plenty on the marketplace. Just consider your bathroom as your physical body. So let’s definitely have it clean and give it extra attention!