6 Chinese Signs Set to Thrive in 2024, 1 to Become Millionaire!

According to the 2024 Chinese horoscope, money will not be a problem for people born in these signs, and from this point of view they can be considered the spoiled ones of the zodiac.

We are going to introduce you to 6 zodiac signs who are going to make a lot of money in the year 2024 – one of them is likely to become a millionaire. It’s their year of glory!

If in 2023, the Year of the Rabbit, they faced small problems, saved or even got into big debts, the year 2024 will provide financial security for those born under the signs of Rat, Monkey, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Rooster.

They will enjoy 12 months of substantial income, but that doesn’t mean they have to waste their money. It is very important to be reasonable and make wise investments.

1. Rat

The Rats will make money more easily in 2024, they will make bold decisions that will increase their income. These natives are very lucky in the Year of the Dragon and have a good chance of hitting various prizes, so if they’re used to playing the lottery, 2024 could surprise them by bringing them a generous windfall

2. Monkey

Those born in the Year of the Monkey won’t be concerned about money at all in 2024. Although they will work a lot, they will earn large amounts of money and fulfil their most burning desires. 2024 will be the year when they can get the job they have been dreaming of for a long time or a career advancement that will bring them a much higher income.

3. Rabbit

Rabbits will also be lucky with money in the Year of the Wood Dragon. Those born in the Year of the Rabbit might join projects that will put a lot of money in their pockets from the very first days. They’ll feel their destiny rapidly changing. Rabbits can finally relax and forget about their debts. They will realize that all those sleepless nights spent working were to their benefit.

4. Dragon

Some of the Dragons experienced many financial problems in 2023, but will quickly brush them aside as good luck will come their way.. it is their own year in the Chinese zodiac. Those born in the Year of the Dragon, especially in 1964 or 1988, will attract money like a magnet starting February 10th. Money will come from everywhere and chances are that the native will be promoted or get a better job offer.

5. Snake

Those born in the Year of the Snake will easily get noticed at work. These natives will be rewarded by their bosses for their efforts and brilliant ideas. Either they will receive a substantial bonus or a raise, their income will increase greatly. They are preparing to enter the Year of the Snake in 2025 with deep pockets.

6. The Rooster Has a Great Chance to Become a Millionaire in 2024

The sign that will be filthy rich in 2024 and will forget about any financial problems is the Rooster. This sign is always trying to do the right thing, and it will succeed in doing so in the second part of the Year of the Dragon. Roosters have a good chance of winning the lottery or gaining from an investment which will bring them a lot of money. Maybe they find out that the Year of the Dragon is bullish for bitcoin and decide to invest in cryptocurrencies. They will have a lot of money in 2024 and can afford to do whatever they want.

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Feng Shui Tips To Help You Make More Money In 2024 Regardless Of Your Sign

According to the 2024 Feng Shui analysis, the North direction is very lucky this year, the Prosperity 8 White Star rests in the North Palace. Prosperity 8 White Star is among the most auspicious stars in feng shui and can grant you a lot of benefits.

With the help of this star you can solve your problems related to money, career, health and even love. It can also increase your chances of having a baby in 2024 if you want to. All you have to do is to activate this star by sleeping in the northern part of your house or at least spending more time there.

Use the lucky color of the year 2024 and also take into account the lucky number of the year. You can use them to increase your chances of getting rich in the Year of the Wood Dragon.

A clean and tidy environment is essential for attracting positive energies and manifesting prosperity in our lives. Make sure your home is well organized and that you remove messy and unnecessary items.

Bamboo is the one that brings you good luck financially and beyond. Find out the meaning of the numbers in the bamboo stalks and then place them in a vase. A vase with a smaller opening than the base will provide you with beneficial energy regarding your material condition.

Fruit and grains represent abundance and wealth in the Feng Shui tradition. In 2024, place a green or golden fruit bowl in the north corner of the kitchen and fill it with black grapes, bananas, and generally lots of fruit. Never leave the fruit bowl empty! And most importantly, don’t use artificial fruit!

It’s also a good idea to change your wallet on February 4, which marks Li Chun, the official beginning of the Chinese astrological year and the Periodic 9 in Feng Shui.