Feng Shui 2024: Luck, Challenges & Flying Stars Chart

Feng Shui is a traditional way of harmonizing with the energy flows in our surroundings to enhance our well-being. The Year of the Wood Dragon starts on February 10, 2024, but the astrological year begins on February 4, 2024, and from that date the Feng Shui forecast comes into effect.

The Feng Shui Flying Stars are different kinds of energy that occupy nine areas of our space. Some are beneficial and some are harmful. We should use the beneficial ones and avoid the harmful ones to make the best of 2024.

2024 is a Wood Dragon year with golden opportunities. You need to activate the positive areas and avoid the negative ones. Harmony is the key to success in this year.

Pay attention to your partner, family and loved ones, as well as your work colleagues. Treat them with love and respect, and you will enjoy longevity, happiness and wealth.

The Year of the Wood Dragon in Feng Shui

In Feng Shui, each year is associated with a specific animal sign and one of the five elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, or Water. Understanding the unique characteristics of the Wood Dragon and its elemental influence is vital for channeling the energies of 2024.

The Dragon is a legendary and revered creature in Chinese culture, symbolizing strength, courage, and good fortune. It takes on an even more dynamic and creative energy when paired with the Wood element. Wood represents growth, expansion, and vitality, making the Year of the Wood Dragon a period of transformation and renewal.

Feng Shui Predictions For 2024: Entering Period 9

In 2024, as we enter the Year of the Wood Dragon, a significant shift in Feng Shui energy awaits us. Starting from February 4, 2024, we’ll be in Feng Shui Period 9 (九运, Jiu Yun), which spans the next 20 years, bringing new influences to our lives.

In the classical Feng Shui framework, the “Three Cycles and Nine Periods” [三元九运] span over 180 years, with each cycle containing three Feng Shui periods, totaling nine periods in all. Each of these periods lasts for 20 years and is associated with a specific star.

We are nearing the conclusion of Period 8, which has been characterized by the Gen trigram (Earth element) from 2004 to 2023. This period has witnessed a surge in young male entrepreneurs and unprecedented growth in property prices worldwide, driven by the strong Earth element.

As we approach Period 9, set to extend from 2024 to 2043, a shift in energy patterns is on the horizon. Period 9 aligns with the Li trigram (Fire element) and is influenced by the Nine Purple Star, heralding a wave of changes and opportunities.

Period 9 Trends:

According to the Feng Shui predictions, Period 9 forecasts fame, innovation, increased power, and the rise of middle-aged women. It also signifies a heightened focus on technology, new media, and evolving businesses. The Fire element represents love, desire, strength, assertiveness, and energy.

How to Boost Good Qi and Reduce Bad Energies in Your Space

White Star (Opportunity and Romance) and 8 White Star (Prosperity):These stars bring good luck in finance and wealth. Activate them by placing water features and spending more time in these areas.

Black Star (Sickness):This star causes health problems and affects your wellbeing. Avoid or minimize time in this area and use metal cures like pendulum clocks, wind chimes, coin tassels, singing bowls or bells.

Blue Star (Quarrelsome/Conflicts):This star triggers negative emotions and conflicts. Reduce time in this area and use metal cures like ornaments and red carpets or lamps.

Yellow Star (Misfortune):This star creates trouble and blocks action. Spend minimal time in this area and use cures like salt water with coins, musical box, metal ornaments, pendulum clock, wind chime, singing bowl or bell.

Flying Stars Chart Analysis for 2024

The Flying Stars are a set of nine stars that move through different sectors of a space annually, affecting the energy in those areas. Each star has specific qualities, such as auspiciousness or inauspiciousness, and can influence health, wealth, and relationships.

For 2024, it’s important to analyze the Flying Stars Chart closely to identify which sectors are most favorable and which may require remedies or adjustments. This analysis can help individuals make informed decisions about where to focus their energy and intentions in their living or working environments.

We will dive deeper into the lucky and unlucky factors specific to 2024 and provide practical tips and remedies to help you navigate this exciting year successfully.

 Feng Shui Flying Star positions continuously shift. In 2024, we enter the cycle of Kua 3 – the Emerald Wood Year. Right below this paragraph, you’ll discover the 2024 Flying Stars diagram.

 Flying Stars diagram for 2024 - The Year of the Dragon
Flying Stars diagram for 2024 – The Year of the Dragon

Affliction Stars in 2024 – Bring Negative Energies and Challenges

  • Affliction Star #2 (Location: Southeast): This star is associated with illness, health issues, and general misfortune. Its presence in the Southeast can bring about health-related challenges and obstacles. 
  • Affliction Star #3 (Location: Center): Star #3 is known for bringing disputes, quarrels, and legal issues. When located in the Center, it suggests potential conflicts and disputes that might disrupt the harmony in your living or working space.
  • Affliction Star #5 (Location: West): Star #5 is associated with misfortune, accidents, and financial difficulties. 
  • Affliction Star #7 (Location: South): This star is associated with loss, theft, and financial troubles. 

Exploiting the potential of Feng Shui remedies will empower you to take control of your space and proactively address the challenges these negative stars pose. Our comprehensive table of remedies will guide you on creating a harmonious and auspicious environment for a prosperous 2024.

Rhinoceros and Elephant protection against fighting, robbery, stealing, accidents See It
Wu Lou Statueprotection for your healthSee It
Blue Evil Eyeprotection for your wealthSee It

Auspicious Stars 2024

  • Lucky Star #1 (Location: East): This star brings positive energy related to success, recognition, and personal achievement
  • Lucky Star #4 (Location: Northwest): This star brings a sense of security and stability to your home or office. 
  • Career Star #6 (Location: Northeast): Known as the career star, #6 brings opportunities for professional development and career growth. 
  • Prosperity Star #8 (Location: North): This star is associated with financial prosperity and success in business. 
  • Star #9 (Location: Southwest): Star #9 is known as the Multiplying Lucky Star. It brings luck in various aspects of life, including love, relationships, and overall success. 

While fortunate stars bring positive energy into our lives, we can take it a step further to fully harness this positivity. Feng Shui remedies amplify these effects, transforming our space into an environment conducive to success and prosperity. With the aid of these remedies, you will truly feel how the favorable energy of 2024 guides you toward achieving your goals and dreams.

Feng Shui DragonOne of the best Feng Shui items for career growthSee It
Rose Quartz Treean help to attract love, or to enhance feelings of love and compassion in existing relationshipsSee It
Three Legged Wealth FrogBrings prosperity and good fortune into your lifeSee It

Unlucky Factors for 2024:

Understanding these negative influences allows us to proactively address them and minimize their impact on our lives.

Tai Sui (Grand Duke Jupiter) – Southeast Region:

One of the key considerations for 2024 is the position of Tai Sui, also known as the Grand Duke Jupiter. In Feng Shui, Tai Sui is a powerful force that resides in a specific sector for the year. In 2024, Tai Sui takes residence in the southeast region, which coincides with the house of the zodiac Dragon. This positioning can bring obstacles, conflicts, and challenges, especially for those born under the Dragon zodiac sign.

Sui Po – Northwest Region (Year Breaker): 

Another factor to be aware of is Sui Po, often called the Year Breaker. Sui Po is believed to bring turbulence and disruptions, particularly in the sector where it resides. In 2024, Sui Po will infringe on the northwest region, potentially causing obstacles and conflicts. It is advisable to avoid major renovations or construction in this area and instead focus on maintaining a peaceful environment.

Three-Killings – South Sector: 

The Three Killings, a trio of negative energies associated with loss, misfortune, and obstacles, will affect most of the southern sector in 2024. This can lead to challenges in various aspects of life, including health, relationships, and finances. It’s necessary to exercise caution and implement Feng Shui remedies to weaken the negative impact of the Three-Killings in this area.

Lucky Factors for 2024:

Emerald Green – The Color of Prosperity: 

Emerald green, the designated color of luck for 2024, symbolizes renewal, growth, and the promise of abundance. This vibrant hue is your key to unlocking the doors of prosperity, whether you adorn yourself in it, infuse your surroundings with it, or keep it close as a talisman of positive change.

Lucky Directions and Numbers: 

North and South directions will be favored in Period 9. These directions will benefit from auspicious stars, making it an opportune time for renovations and wealth creation for homes facing North or South. A clean, tidy, and well-ventilated environment is essential to maintain favorable Feng Shui. Additionally, numbers 8, 14, and 21 carry positive energies that can bring luck and success in various initiatives. Incorporate these numbers into your plans and decisions for an added edge.

Lucky Months – The Month of the Dragon: 

Within the Gregorian calendar, the month of the Dragon in 2024 falls between March 6 and April 4. This period of heightened positive energy makes it an ideal time to embark on new ventures, set intentions, and pursue your goals. 


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