Ox Horoscope 2024 & Feng Shui Roadmap to Success

The Ox is the second animal in the 12-year cycle of the Chinese zodiac, symbolizing intelligence, curiosity, and adaptability. You are an Ox if you were born in 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, or 2021. However, if your birthday falls at the start of the year, you should verify the exact date of Chinese New Year to confirm your sign.

The stars say that you will have a positive professional change that will make you less stressed and happier with a new job and more money. If you don’t have a job, you may get good news in April and September.

According to the stars Fu De 福德 Fortune Virtue Star, in terms of your financial situation, this year will bring you other changes. While high-functioning natives will enjoy substantial material goods, others will face a sudden increase in expenses. For the latter, the advice of the stars is to focus on savings

Regarding family life, stress and tension will be present from the beginning of the year until February. However, the situation will become much better in March. After that, the balance is established. Also, the health of the parents will improve.

If we take a look at married life, the beginning of the year will come with disputes. However, you marriage will not be in danger, and your children will give you plenty of reasons to be happy. On the other hand, if you are in love with someone, you will get the answer you want because the Tian De 天德 Heavenly Aid Star will increase the compatibility between you and the person you like.
Your health will be quite precarious, but it will improve over time if you take the necessary measures.

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Love Horoscope 2024 for the Ox:

In 2024, love takes on a unique flavor for those born in the Year of the Ox. The presence of the Wood Dragon infuses 2024 with a sense of harmony and stability in matters of the heart. Ox natives can expect a love life characterized by reliability and resilience. While it may not be a year of whirlwind passions, it offers a chance to deepen bonds and build enduring connections. 

For Ox people seeking to enrich their love lives in 2024 during the Year of the Dragon, it’s advisable to cultivate emotional resilience, embrace the year’s steadiness, strengthen relationships through unwavering support, and dedicate time to shared experiences and meaningful conversations, all of which contribute to creating lasting memories.

Favorable Periods for Love and Marriage: 

The most auspicious periods for love and potential marriages in 2024 are during April, August, and November. During these months, the cosmic energy aligns favorably for Ox people seeking to take their love life to the next level.

The Year of the Dragon: A Time for Family Growth: 

Traditionally, the Year of the Dragon is associated with family expansion. If Ox natives consider starting a family or adding new members, 2024 offers an opportune moment.

Money and Career Horoscope 2024 for the Ox:

Regarding your career, this year promises to be an excellent one. Luck will be on your side and you will achieve immense success in your professional life. Thanks to your lucky stars: Fu De 福德 Fortune Virtue Star and Tian De 天德 Heavenly Virtue Star , you will be able to get hired elsewhere, in a better position.

Therefore, if you are thinking of changing your job, put in the effort because it will be well worth it. You will only move forward if you step out of your comfort zone and embrace change. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it! If you are involved in business, you should be very careful.

Especially if you manage a business in partnership with someone. There is a high risk that it will be a huge failure and have a negative impact on your relationship with your business partner. Therefore, avoid making impulsive decisions. Although problems may arise at the beginning of the year, success will be present in your life from April to September.
Also, in the Year of the Dragon 2024, Yu Tang 玉堂 Jade Hall Star brings wealth luck, resulting in an increase in income

In 2024, if you are looking for guidance and support in your personal or professional life, you might be interested in the Ba Zuo 八座 Eight Seats Star. This is a powerful star that represents the energy of mentors, benefactors and helpful people who can assist you in achieving your goals and overcoming your challenges.

The Ba Zuo star can help you to improve your reputation, gain recognition and advance in your career. It can also boost your confidence, leadership and influence. This star is especially favorable for Ox people who are facing exams or tests in 2024, as it can enhance their memory, concentration and learning abilities. The Ba Zuo star is a great ally for anyone who wants to excel and succeed in their endeavors.

Feng Shui Items to Boost Ox’s Luck in 2024:

In 2024, the people born in the Year of the Ox can enhance their financial luck with auspicious Feng Shui charms. Here are two potent items that can attract prosperity and abundance into their lives:

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Yokohama Wakuwaku Kan Money Luck Bracelet:

  • The Yokohama Wakuwaku Kan Money Luck Bracelet is designed to channel wealth and financial opportunities to the wearer.
  • Crafted with carefully selected crystals and symbols, this bracelet encourages financial abundance and good fortune.

Money Frog (Three-Legged Toad):

  • The Money Frog, also known as the Three-Legged Toad, is a revered Feng Shui symbol for attracting wealth and prosperity.
  • Place the Money Frog in your home or office, preferably in the wealth corner (southeast), with its head facing the main entrance.

Things that Will Bring Ox Luck

  • Lucky numbers: 6, 8, and numbers containing 6 and 8 (like 68 and 86).
  • Lucky days: The 4th and 17th of each Chinese lunar month are considered auspicious.
  • Lucky colors: Blue, purple, and pink are believed to bring good luck.
  • Lucky flowers: Lily, camellia, and peony are associated with good fortune.
  • Lucky directions: Favorable directions are west and northwest.
  • Lucky months: The 3rd and 7th months of the Chinese lunar calendar are believed to be lucky for those born in the Year of the Ox.

2024 Ox Horoscope by Element

Wood Ox 1985: 

For Wood Ox people born in 1985 the year 2024, will bring significant changes in their life. It is time to take risks and start something new, be it a new job, business, or relationship. Be proactive and confident, and you will be rewarded.

Water Ox 1973: 

You are a Water Ox if you were born in 1973. The year 2024 will be full of chances to grow and succeed in different areas of your life. But don’t forget to balance your work and your rest, because you might get stressed and sick if you push yourself too hard. Enjoy some downtime, relax, and look after your health..

Metal Ox 1961: 

People born in 1961 belong to the Metal Ox. In the year of the Dragon 2024, you will be blessed with good fortune and prosperity. Use this opportunity to invest in yourself, whether learning a new skill, taking a course, or traveling. Your hard work will pay off, and success is within your reach.

Earth Ox 1949:

 Those born in the Earth Ox year of 1949, may face some health challenges in 2024. However, you have the strength and resilience to cope with any difficulties. Pay attention to your well-being and seek help if needed.

Fire Ox 1997: 

Fire Ox people are people born in 1997 Fire Ox. 2024 will bring new and exciting opportunities for personal growth and relationships. However, be cautious not to rush into anything too quickly, as this can lead to regret. Take your time, be patient, and let things develop naturally.