Which Zodiac Signs Are Most Likely to Get Pregnant in 2024

The year 2024 marks the arrival of the Wood Dragon in the Chinese zodiac, and with it comes a unique blend of energy and possibilities. Chinese astrology has long been revered for its insights into various aspects of life, including family planning. 

In this article, we’ll explore which Chinese zodiac signs are most likely to experience the joys of pregnancy in 2024 under the nurturing influence of the Wood Dragon. 

The Wood Dragon in Chinese Astrology

In Chinese astrology, each year is associated with a specific animal sign and one of the five elemental signs, forming a 60-year cycle. The year 2024 brings with it the unique and influential energy of the Wood Dragon, a combination that holds special significance in the Chinese zodiac.

Dragons are renowned for their power, strength, and vitality in Chinese culture. They are considered symbols of good luck, creativity, and wisdom. Combined with the Wood element, which represents growth, flexibility, and harmony, the result is a year that promises stability and progress.

The Wood Dragon is believed to bring a sense of renewal and rejuvenation. It encourages us to explore new opportunities and embark on exciting adventures. This particular combination is known for its ability to foster growth, making it a favorable time for personal development, career advancement, and, as we’ll explore in this article, the potential for expanding one’s family.

Wood Dragon’s Influence: 3 Zodiac Signs Likely to Become Pregnant in 2024


Even if Rabbit is among the less lucky zodiac signs in 2024, for women born under the Rabbit zodiac sign, family holds a place of paramount importance, and the Year of the Wooden Dragon in 2024 brings forth promising prospects for motherhood. 

The arrival of the Wood Dragon signifies substantial shifts in the lives of Rabbit women, hinting at a significant event in their romantic and intimate journeys.

Female Rabbits are positioned to undergo a profound emotional transformation throughout this year. They will discover the inner fortitude necessary to break free from toxic relationships and unsuccessful marriages. The Dragon’s benevolent influence brings auspicious tidings concerning fertility, creating an environment that nurtures healing and fosters spiritual growth.


Celebrating wisdom and adaptability, Snakes are presented with a unique opportunity for family expansion during the Year of the Wood Dragon 2024. The Dragon’s guiding influence bolsters their serene composure and heightened intuition. This auspicious period is conducive to family planning, allowing them to turn their dreams of parenthood into joyful reality.

Snake women are destined to become exceptional mothers. At times, they may feel fully prepared to embrace motherhood, while at other times, they may choose to wait, driven by their desire to provide their future children with the very best.

For the Snake woman, marriage brings deep fulfillment, and she places a profound value on family life, believing it to be the true purpose of existence. As a mother, the Snake Woman embodies remarkable understanding and a capacity for boundless forgiveness, always ready to extend a forgiving hand when her child makes a mistake.


The Rooster woman is poised to join the ranks of future parents within the zodiac! The influence of the Dragon inspires these individuals to dream of profound transformation and make significant changes in their personal lives, ultimately contributing to enhanced fertility.

The Mother Rooster radiates boundless love for her children, who occupy the center of her world. While she may at times adopt a strict demeanor, driven by her desire to impart the highest moral and spiritual values, her capacity for self-sacrifice knows no bounds when it comes to her offspring. Undoubtedly, she will prove to be an exceptional and nurturing mother!

Improving Fertility with Feng Shui in the Year of the Wood Dragon 

With its promising energies, the Year of the Wood Dragon offers a unique opportunity to enhance fertility and increase the chances of conception. In this chapter, we explore valuable Feng Shui practices and adjustments that can create a harmonious and nurturing environment for women seeking to become mothers during this auspicious year.

 Balance Yin and Yang Energies:

Feng Shui highlights the importance of balancing the Yin and Yang energies within your living space. To promote fertility, create a balanced environment by incorporating elements of both Yin (feminine) and Yang (masculine) energies in your home décor and design.

Clear Clutter and Negative Energy:

A clutter-free and clean living space allows for the free flow of positive energy, or “Chi.” Declutter your home, especially the bedroom, to create a serene and inviting atmosphere conducive to conception.

 Improve the Bedroom:

Please pay special attention to your bedroom, as it plays a significant role in fertility. Position the bed so it has a clear view of the bedroom door, but avoid placing it directly across from it. Incorporate soft, calming colors and avoid excessive use of red, which can be too Yang.

 Enable the Southeast Area:

In Feng Shui, the Southeast sector of your home represents wealth and family. Activate this area with symbols of fertility, such as images of healthy babies or artwork that resonates with the idea of family growth.

 Use Crystals and Gemstones:

Certain crystals, like rose quartz and moonstone, are believed to promote fertility and harmonize the reproductive system. Place them strategically in your living space, especially in the bedroom.

 Embrace Nature:

Introduce plants and flowers into your home, particularly those with round or circular leaves. Bamboo and the Peace Lily are considered auspicious for enhancing fertility.

 Invite Positive Relationships:

Foster harmony and positive relationships with your partner. Strengthen the romantic energy in your bedroom by adding pairs of items or artwork symbolizing love and commitment.


In the Year of the Wood Dragon, set to commence on February 10, 2024, Chinese astrology and Feng Shui converge to offer women a promising path toward motherhood. This year holds the potential to grant the cherished gift of pregnancy to those who seek it.

We have explored the unique qualities of the Wood Dragon and its influence on fertility, providing insights into the zodiac signs most likely to experience the joys of parenthood. The Rabbit, Snake, and Rooster women, guided by their respective qualities, are poised to find fulfillment in their family lives and embark on the beautiful journey of motherhood.

Moreover, applying Feng Shui principles to one’s living environment can be complementary and proactive to enhancing fertility. By balancing energies, decluttering spaces, and creating harmonious bedroom settings, women can align their aspirations with the auspicious energy of the Wood Dragon year.

May the Year of the Wood Dragon bring abundant blessings, fulfilling the dreams of motherhood for those who journey through its auspicious embrace.