2024 US Election Astrology – A Chinese Zodiac Outlook

In the realm where ancient wisdom and modern politics converge, a unique lens offers us fresh insights into the upcoming 2024 US election—one that draws from the depths of Chinese astrology.

As the Year of the Dragon approaches, with its promise of transformation and renewed beginnings, we embark on a distinctive journey. Rather than relying solely on traditional indicators, we explore the compatibility between the top candidates and the symbol of the Dragon, seeking a new layer of understanding.

While the tools of conventional analysis focus on polls and policy, we turn our attention to the fascinating interplay between the candidates’ attributes and the mythical qualities associated with the Dragon. Within this astrological framework, the candidates step onto a stage where destiny intersects with the unique energies that the Dragon embodies.

Join us on this exploration as we navigate the landscape of Chinese astrology, aiming to uncover potential outcomes, decipher the hidden threads that the year holds for our contenders, and perhaps catch a glimpse of the type of leader whose essence resonates most harmoniously with the Dragon’s essence.

The Year of the Wood Dragon (2024):

As the Western world ushers in the year 2024, the Chinese lunar calendar unveils a new chapter with the arrival of the Year of the Wood Dragon on February 10th. In the tapestry of Chinese astrology, the Dragon holds a place of profound significance. Revered as a symbol of strength, innovation, and vitality, the Dragon’s entry carries an air of anticipation and transformative energy.

Combining the dynamic traits of the Dragon with the nurturing essence of the Wood element, 2024’s cosmic canvas is painted with unique strokes. The Dragon’s emblematic qualities of courage and adaptability are complemented by Wood’s growth-oriented nature, creating an intriguing juxtaposition of power and evolution. It is within this fusion that the stage is set for the unfolding of events that will shape the political and social landscape of the United States.

As the candidates prepare to take center stage in the Year of the Wood Dragon, the cosmic backdrop adds more complexity to the political arena. The energies of the Dragon encourage bold initiatives and forward-thinking, while the Wood element’s influence nurtures collaboration and flexibility. What emerges is a tableau of possibility, where leadership is not merely defined by policy and charisma but also by an alignment with the underlying currents of the year.

Which Candidate Aligns Strongest with the Dragon’s Energy?

Amidst the enigmatic currents of the Year of the Wood Dragon in 2024, a pivotal question emerges: Among the contenders vying for political ascension, whose essence harmonizes most profoundly with the potent energy of the Dragon? In this exploration, we journey through the profiles of the primary candidates—Joe Biden, Kennedy, Donald J. Trump, Ron DeSantis, and Vivek Ramaswamy—delving not only into their Chinese zodiac signs but also their elemental compositions to unveil their compatibility with the Dragon’s aura.

Joe Biden – Chinese Zodiac Water Horse (1942):

A Water Horse by birth, Joe Biden embodies adaptability and empathy. In this Year of the Wood Dragon, the interplay between Water’s fluidity and the Dragon’s dynamism could offer him a strategic edge. The Dragon’s bold transformation might resonate with Biden’s ability to navigate shifts and connect with people on a profound level.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. – Wood Horse (17 January 1954):

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., born under the Wood Horse sign, exudes energy and charisma that remarkably align with the Dragon’s attributes. The Wood Horse’s natural allure, combined with the Dragon’s boldness, could forge a compelling presence. This compatibility might empower Kennedy to stride forward dynamically, capturing attention and energizing his campaign.

Donald J. Trump – Fire Dog (1946):

A Fire Dog, Donald J. Trump radiates loyalty and determination. While the Dog’s attributes differ from the Dragon’s essence, their interaction can be intriguing. Trump’s steadfastness may anchor the Dragon’s year with a stabilizing force, resonating with those seeking a resolute leader amid the tumultuous currents.

Ron DeSantis – Earth Horse (1978):

With an Earth Horse sign, Ron DeSantis embodies practicality and determination. This Earthy foundation could harmonize intriguingly with the Wood Dragon’s essence, offering a candidate who blends innovation with stability. DeSantis might resonate with the Dragon’s transformative spirit while maintaining a grounded, measured approach.

Vivek Ramaswamy – Wood Ox (1985):

Vivek Ramaswamy’s Wood-Ox sign signifies diligence and resilience. These traits interact intriguingly with the Dragon’s dynamic energy, where the Ox’s steadiness meets the Dragon’s vigor. Balancing the Ox’s caution with the Dragon’s boldness, Ramaswamy could emerge as a candidate who embraces transformation with a balanced perspective.

Dragon’s Impact on Politics, Economy, and Technology:

The arrival of the Year of the Dragon often heralds a period of profound transformation, not only in the political and economic realms but also in the realm of technology. Looking back at past Dragon years, like 2000 and 2012, we can discern a consistent pattern of pivotal change.

The Year of the Dragon tends to embolden political landscapes with innovative strategies. Just as the Dragon’s nature is fearless, political leaders often undertake bold initiatives that redefine the status quo. A prime example lies in the 2012 Dragon year, during which Barack Obama’s re-election campaign harnessed groundbreaking digital strategies that revolutionized the political campaign playbook.

Economically, Dragon years have witnessed both breakthroughs and disruptions. The turn of the millennium in 2000 saw the dot-com bubble, which reshaped industries through technological advancements. In 2012, the Eurozone crisis tested the global financial system’s resilience, demonstrating the Dragon’s capacity to influence economic trajectories.

In 2024, under the influence of the Wood Dragon, the fusion of progress and sustainability could define political agendas. The Dragon’s energies might encourage the integration of environmental stewardship and economic growth. As the world grapples with unprecedented challenges, the Dragon’s vitality might catalyze innovative solutions and transformative policies, imprinting its mark on the political and economic fabric.

A notable facet of 2024 is the burgeoning influence of cryptocurrency, particularly Bitcoin. The growing adoption of digital currencies could resonate well with the Dragon’s innovative vibe. Notably, figures like Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Ron DeSantis, who are Bitcoin supporters, may play significant roles in shaping the discourse around this emerging financial landscape.

The Ideal Dragon Year President: A Psychological Profile

In the Year of the Dragon, the perfect presidential candidate embodies boldness, adaptability, and innovation. This leader fearlessly envisions a better future, navigates change with grace, and solves challenges with creative solutions. Charismatic communication, balanced risk-taking, and collaborative diplomacy are their tools. Resilience, determination, and environmental consciousness define their character. In this transformative year, a leader rises to guide the nation with unwavering courage and visionary thinking.

Astrological Prediction: Unveiling the Potential Winner

In the intricate dance of celestial forces, an astrological perspective leads us to speculate on a potential victor for the 2024 US election in the Year of the Wood Dragon. While such predictions are intriguing, they remain speculative and should be taken as an engaging exploration rather than a certain prophecy.

Kennedy – A Charismatic Confluence:

With the Wood Horse’s charisma in harmony with the Wood Dragon’s energy, Kennedy emerges as a compelling candidate with a unique astrological advantage. This alignment could amplify his already magnetic presence, potentially positioning him as a frontrunner harnessing the transformative spirit of the year.


While this astrological projection is captivating, it’s crucial to emphasize that it’s merely one lens through which we view a complex political landscape. Numerous factors beyond astrology will shape the true outcome as candidates engage in campaigns, voters make choices, and the nation’s needs evolve.