Monkey Horoscope 2024 & Feng Shui Guide for the Year Ahead

The Chinese zodiac looks splendid in 2024 for many the Monkey zodiac sign. The Chinese New Year will begin on February 10, and Monkeys born in one of the years: 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016 will have many advantages in the Year of the Water Dragon, but also some huge challenges.

Monkeys will remember the year 2024 all their lives, as it is the year of their transformation in every way. They will make important decisions on a sentimental level, but also professionally.
The things they relied on until now will change. They completely change their outlook on life and find out who are the people they really need.

The Year of the Wood Dragon 2024 will prove advantageous for those who are still studying and taking some refresher courses. Those born in the sign of the Monkey who will remain focused and dedicated , will be able to achieve good results. They will also be supported by their teachers and have the opportunity to go abroad and get good grades.

Those born in the Chinese sign Monkey, who are involved in a loving relationship, will have the opportunity to spend memorable moments with their loved one this year. The relationship will grow stronger. Also, they may go on a romantic trip in the months of July August, September.

Money and Career

Dear Monkey, the Chinese horoscope predicts a fairly calm year for you financially. Don’t worry too much, but you shouldn’t expect colossal windfalls. This year you will be balanced with shopping. Income is steady, but manage expenses well. Beware of unpaid debts from last year.

The year 2024 will bring good fortune, energy and creativity to those who are willing to work hard and smart. The lucky stars San Tai 三台 (Star of the Three Stages) will help those born under the sign of the Monkey to have good luck in business and achieve their financial goals.

In 2024, Monkeys will have many opportunities to start new projects, develop existing ones and complete them successfully. It also suggests that these natives will have good support from partners, colleagues and clients throughout the process.

Lucky star Guo Yin represents authority and recognition from the government or society. This star indicates that those born under the sign of Monkey will have a good reputation and influence in your industry or field. It also suggests that they will receive official support or approval for their efforts in business.

Feng Shui Recommendations for the Monkey in 2024

Incorporating Feng Shui elements into your life can bring balance and positive energy in the Year of the Wood Dragon, 2024. For the Monkey, the following recommendations are particularly beneficial:

1. Feng Shui Natural Rose Pink Money Tree: This Money Tree enhances the energy of love and relationships, fostering harmony in your personal life.

2. Black Tourmaline Protection Bracelet: This is especially useful for maintaining focus and balance in your career and personal life throughout the year.

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Monkey Love Horoscope 2024

2024 will be a very good year for those in love. Those born under the sign of Monkey who fall into this category will have every chance to get what they want in love, including getting married.

The period between April and September will bring happiness to those born under the Chinese zodiac sign Monkey. Their life partner will strive to make their relationship stronger, which will make them happy.

Those born in the sign of the Monkey will be able to consummate their love without prejudice and you will get wonderful news about their relationship. Chances are that their partner will get the much desired job, which will make them feel proud. Overall, 2024 will be a wonderful year for those born under the sign of Monkey.

Things that Will Bring Horse Luck

Lucky numbers: 3, 7, and numbers containing 3 and 7 (such as 37 and 73)
Lucky days: the 9th and the 23rd day of each Chinese lunar month
Lucky colors: blue, brown, and gray
Lucky flowers: daisy, sunflower, and lavender
Lucky directions: southeast and southwest
Lucky months: the 5th and the 8th Chinese lunar months

The monthly horoscope for the year 2024 for the Monkey sign

Monkeys are determined to change their lifestyle as well, right from the beginning of the year. February, March and April are three good months for those who want to get serious about sports or want to change their diet. Many of the women born under this sign also make big changes in their look and clothing style.

The months of May and June 2024 come with challenges at work. These natives protest certain changes that are made without asking their permission. They are not at all pleased with how collegial relations are evolving, so it is very likely that they will find another job. June is the month when Monkeys muster the courage to start from scratch in their careers.

We are talking about those who want to achieve something on their own, because there are many Monkeys who will continue to struggle at their current workplace, proving their best. July comes with big challenges on a sentimental level. Those in a relationship break up because they fall in love with someone else.

August and September are two perfect months for Monkeys. The month of August will be a dream for those who love to travel, to roam the world far and wide.

The month of September 2024 comes with unexpected advantages for these natives.

October and November are also good months for all activities that involve large sums of money. These are the perfect months for purchasing a house, a new workplace for entrepreneurs or a car.

December 2024 will be a mysterious month for Monkeys. They will learn all sorts of disturbing things about those around them and act accordingly.

Monkey Horoscope 2024 By Chinese Element

Metal Monkey (1980):

In 2024, Metal Monkeys born in the year 1980 may find themselves in a more stable and secure position. Your career will progress smoothly, and your financial situation will improve. However, it is important to maintain a balanced lifestyle and avoid overworking yourself. Health may be a concern, so prioritize self-care.

Water Monkey (1992):

For Water Monkeysborn in 1992, 2024 is a time for growth and exploration. New opportunities may arise, but be cautious when making decisions. Your social life will be vibrant, but it is important to maintain boundaries and avoid getting too caught up in other people’s drama.

Fire Monkey (1956):

In 2024, the Fire Monkeyborn in 1956 focuses on self-fulfillment and pursuing their unique path. They’ve excelled in practical and responsible roles, but this year encourages a shift towards a more heart-centered career.

February prompts reevaluating past authority issues, where personal desires clash with beliefs.

Spring increases demands, requiring the Monkey to revamp its collaboration approach to align with its authentic self.

Earth Monkey (1968): For Earth Monkeys born in 1968, the Yera of the Dragon is a time for stability and growth. Your hard work will pay off, and you may receive recognition for your efforts. It is important to maintain a positive attitude and avoid getting too caught up in small details. Take time to relax and enjoy life’s pleasures.