Tiger Horoscope 2024 & Helpful Feng Shui Insights

According to the Tiger horoscope 2024, the Dragon year will be a mix of opportunities and challenges for the Tiger. The Tiger will improve his skills in managing his energy and using it wisely, and in being more thoughtful before he acts on his impulses.

The year 2024 offers chances for Tigers to advance their careers, achieve their goals, and increase their income. Tigers should be cautious and prudent when making long-term financial plans. They should also pay attention to communication and conflict management in their relationships.

In 2024, Tigers may face some challenges, but they can also count on the auspicious star Yi Ma 驿马 to bring them some relief and opportunities in their career. This star will push them out of their comfort zone and help them overcome any obstacles in their work.

For single Tigers, love life may be a bit unpredictable and exhausting in 2024. They may encounter many potential partners, but none of them will meet their expectations. They should be careful not to waste their energy on chasing the perfect match, and instead appreciate the differences and flaws that make people unique.

They may also experience some emotional ups and downs and miss their home and family. They should remember that everyone has their own faults and that romance is not always smooth sailing.

Financially, Tigers should be cautious and prudent in 2024, as they may face some instability or risks. They should pay attention to every detail and avoid overspending or making hasty decisions.

To learn more about the Tiger 2024 horoscope and how to navigate the year of the Dragon with ease, stay tuned with us.

Money & Career

The Tiger may face some career challenges in the Dragon Year 2024, and may feel uncertain about how to proceed. The universe is bringing some changes that will require quick adaptation, which will affect your mood negatively.

However, you should know that these changes will have positive outcomes in the long run, so you should embrace them as an opportunity to grow.

The first trimester will be the most difficult, as you may encounter a sudden shift in your work environment that will demand your courage and optimism.

Your work relationships will not be very harmonious this year. You may experience some conflicts and frustrations. You may also tend to be stubborn and independent, neglecting the importance of teamwork. This will make work a major source of stress for you.

Financially, the Tiger will go through a period of transition in 2024, a period of re-evaluation of his priorities. It would be advisable for him to adopt a balanced and calm attitude that will allow him to reflect on what matters most to him.

The Dragon Year 2024 is an ideal time for the Tiger to clarify his financial goals. With the help of the lucky star Yi Ma 驿马, which will boost his confidence and motivation, the Tiger will make some smart financial decisions. He will be able to expand his existing investments and start new ones, which will increase his income.

2 Feng Shui Tools for Success in 2024

In 2024, Tigers could encounter unique problems in their connection with the Dragon. These problems might seem complicated, but there’s a method to strengthen their defenses and handle these complicated situations.

Tigers can use Feng Shui objects like powerful good luck charms to keep them safe and balanced during the Year of the Dragon. Below are two important Feng Shui items that Tigers should think about.

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The Tiger’s lucky numbers for 2024 are 3, 9, 12, 18, 24 and 36. These numbers could lead to success and prosperity in the Year of the Dragon.

The color that will bring luck to the Tiger in 2024 is green which is also the color declared to be lucky by feng shui experts globally. Green stands for balance, vibrancy and harmony, which are essential for the Tiger in a year of challenges like 2024.


The Year of the Dragon 2024 will bring romance to the Tiger, who may encounter new prospects for love. However, he should be careful not to set unrealistic standards that could ruin his chances.

For those who are already in a relationship, the Tiger should focus on keeping the spark alive and avoiding boredom and delay. He should also watch out for his jealous tendencies, which could cause conflicts with his partner.

Some plans may have to wait, but the second half of 2024 will be more favorable for communication and understanding between couples. The Tiger should make the most of this period and share his deepest feelings and emotions with his partner, as romance will be abundant throughout 2024.

Single Tigers will feel the urgent need to have a relationship. Although this will awaken their inner fire and creativity, they will also have a disadvantage, which is that they will run in circles and look for love in the most inappropriate people. Love won’t come from a one-night stand, nor will they find it at a party.

The best way to find love is to take a look at those mates you’ve been reluctant with lately, because one of them will rekindle the flame of love in you.

On the other hand, it’s a year of breakups for some natives. There will be many relationships that will end up falling apart during this year.

If you’re wondering if there’s any chance of saving the relationship, the answer is yes. It’s all about passion and lust. If you’re the one who has started to stop feeling that burning fire, then don’t try anything else, all will be lost. But if it’s about the feelings of the one/someone next to you, take on an uninhibited role and the relationship will be reborn.

2024 Tiger Horoscope by Element

In Chinese astrology, the sign of the Tiger is under the influence of one of the five elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal or Water. Each element confers specific attributes to the Tiger and molds its overall experiences in the Year of the Dragon. Let’s see the horoscope predictions for those born in Tiger according to their birth year:

Wood Tiger (Born 1974):

Tigers born in 1974 will focus on work at the beginning of 2024, and later in the year they will give priority to private matters. Courage and an will of iron will help them achieve their goals. They won’t be put in awkward, difficult situations, so they handle any kind of endeavour well, without needing to turn to others. On the business front, it’s time for the Wood Tigers to complete and review old projects.

 Fire Tiger (Born 1986):

The year 2024 promises to be a year of many accomplishments for the 1986-born Tigers. They will be much more focused on personal development and from the first months of the year they are confident of completing all their professional projects.

Even though they will be faced with some delicate career decisions, Fire Tigers should not be in a hurry and should consider very carefully all the options available to them.

Earth Tiger (Born 1998):

Tigers born in 1998 will experience plenty of achievements and satisfactions thanks to their hard work and determination to excel every time.

Despite being taken by surprise by certain events, the Earth Tigers will manage to overcome them and manage to find a solution even when they least expect it. There will be ups and downs in their love life, but they shouldn’t worry because these problems will work themselves out.

 Metal Tiger (Born 1950):

Although Tigers born in 1950 will not experience serious health problems during 2024, it is recommended to have relevant tests done to know what stage their health is at. This way, it will be possible for Metal Tigers to determine if there is any inconvenience, as it will be the perfect time to take the necessary measures and improve any potential anomalies, however small

 Water Tiger (Born 1962, 2022):

Tigers born in 1962 will enjoy many happy moments with their loved ones, as there will be a great possibility to get a promotion at work if they are still employed or make a good profit from their business.

Water Tigers will go through a quiet period during the Dragon Year 2024 which they have not lived for a long time. They will enjoy peace and well-being in couple .