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We support communities and individuals who want to work towards youth and community empowerment and lasting positive change.
On this Website you will find all the information about the "YEPP" approach and methodology, the YEPP Community Network, its members, partners and supporters and how you can get involved with our network.

You can also find all the information about the wide range of services provided by the YEPP International Resource Centre (YEPP IRC) and interact with our community through our Blog.

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Welcome to the YEPP Community

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Profiles of Young People

  • Antonia from Kristinestad

    Leading The Change Antonia is back in Kristinestad during a break in her studies and sees her involvement in local and transnational YEPP activities as an important part of her personal development. Chairing the Youth Read More
  • Francesca from Albenga

    A rare opportunity for young people in this country Hello, my name is Francesca, I’m 24 and enjoy living in my hometown of Albenga. I came to YEPP in 2007 and was immediately keen to Read More
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