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Welcome to the YEPP Community Website!

We support communities and individuals who want to work towards youth and community empowerment and lasting positive change.

On this Website you will find all the information about the "YEPP" approach and methodology, the YEPP Community Network, its members,

partners and supporters andhow you can get involved with our network.

You can also find all the information about the wide range of services provided by the YEPP International Resource Centre (YEPP IRC)

and interact with our community through our Blog.

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Welcome to the YEPP Community

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Build Your Future

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“Build Your Future” is a European project with the central
aim of fostering entrepreneurship among young people.
It is financed through the European Commission 
Programme ERASMUS+ (Key Action 2 – Strategic 
Partnerships). At the heart of the project is an 
entrepreneurship course (strand 1) specifically 
designed to empower 18 to 30 year olds in Europe. 
It will help them to develop an entrepreneurial mindset
and prepare them for employment, self-employment
and/or further education, therefore enhancing their
chances to access life-changing opportunities. 
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Dream Machine


The project "Dream Machine" – Partnerships and Youth Initiatives for Community Development” was implemented from March 2014 to October 2015. 100 young people in 12 YEPP Local Sites, composed of 60 communities with fewer opportunities, in 7 European countries participated in this project.

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People, Places, Partnerships

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This 2 years’ project, which is financed through the European Commission Programme ERASMUS+ (Key Action 2 – Strategic Partnerships), will start in March 2016 and aims at setting up, supporting and sustaining youth-led Community Hubs in marginalised communities in 8 European countries. The Community Hubs use a structure of a youth centre, youth club, community centre, citizen café or similar and offer a working model to community exchange, asset sharing and local youth entrepreneurship. Community Hubs respond to residents’ needs in the form of projects or services and are led by young people who get trained to become active citizens with entrepreneurial skillset.

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