These Are the Luckiest Stones & Crystals of 2024

If you are looking for ways to attract more luck and abundance in the Year of the Dragon 2024, you might want to consider adding some stones and crystals to your home or personal accessories. Acconding to Feng Shui, certain stones and crystals have the power to enhance your energy and attract positive outcomes in different aspects of your life, such as health, wealth, love, and career.

In this article, we will introduce you to the luckiest stones and crystals of 2024 and how to use them effectively.

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is the luckiest stone for the Year of Wood Dragon 2024 because it resonates with the energy of abundance, prosperity and success.

This stone attracts good fortune and opportunities, especially in matters of wealth and career. It also enhances creativity, confidence and leadership, which are essential qualities for the Wood Dragon.

Green Aventurine is a heart chakra stone that promotes harmony, compassion and generosity. It helps to balance the emotions and heal any wounds from the past. It also protects from negative influences and energy vampires. Green Aventurine is a powerful ally for anyone who wants to manifest their dreams and goals in 2024.

As a feng shui master, I recommend wearing this stone as a pendant, bracelet or ring, or placing it in your wealth corner, office or business. You can also carry it in your wallet or purse to attract money and luck. Green Aventurine is the perfect stone to align yourself with the auspicious energy of the Wood Dragon and enjoy a prosperous and happy year.

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Best Crystals to Enhance Your Zodiac Energy in 2024

Each Chinese zodiac sign has a unique energy pattern that can be amplified by the right crystals. Next, I will reveal the best crystal for your zodiac sign and how to use it to attract abundance, prosperity, and happiness in 2024.

If you don’t know your Chinese sign you can find out here!

Rat (Sagittarius)

I recommend Rats (or their Western zodiac equivalent, Sagittarius) to wear or display Rose Quartz in 2024. This precious stone has the power to attract love, harmony, and growth in all aspects of your life.

Rose Quartz can also heal your heart and mind from negative emotions, such as anger, resentment, or fear. Rats are blessed with abundance and intelligence, and Rose Quartz can help you balance these qualities with compassion and gratitude in 2024.

Ox (Capricorn)

If you are an Ox in the Chinese zodiac (or Capricon in the Western Zodiac), you may want to consider wearing a green agate stone in 2024. This stone has a soothing green color that reflects the healing energy of nature. It can help you calm down and be more patient, as well as boost your immunity.

Green agate is a stone that balances different aspects of your life. It gives you courage and confidence, but also harmony and stability. It connects you to the Fire element, which represents transformation and passion, and the Earth element, which represents grounding and support. By wearing green agate, you can align your emotions and your body.

Green agate has also been used for centuries to enhance fertility and pregnancy. It can help you attract and maintain healthy relationships, as well as love yourself more.

One way to wear green agate is by using a Green Jade Bracelet, which is a Feng Shui tool that balances the yin and yang energies in your life. It can also increase your trust, kindness, and self-acceptance.

Tiger (Aquarius)

If you are a Tiger in the Chinese zodiac (or Aquarius in the Western zodiac), you may benefit from wearing Sapphire in 2024. Sapphire is a beautiful blue gemstone that symbolizes wisdom, truth, and protection.

Sapphire can help you improve your mental abilities and concentration, which are important skills in the fast-paced and exciting Year of the Wood Dragon. Tigers can use Sapphire to gain knowledge, make smart choices, and express themselves clearly. This gem can also protect you from harmful influences and support your overall health.

As you face the difficulties and opportunities of 2024, think of Sapphire as your reliable partner, providing you with clear thinking and protection on your journey to success.

Rabbit (Pisces)

If you are a Rabbit (Pisces in the Western zodiac), in 2024, your lucky gem is Moonstone. Moonstone has a captivating appearance and a connection to intuition, emotions, and feminine energies.

In the Year of the Wood Dragon, Moonstone can help you access your natural intuition and handle emotional challenges with elegance. It’s said to increase self-awareness and foster inner harmony. This gem can also create a feeling of balance and calmness, helping you stay grounded amidst life’s changes.

Dragon (Aries)

If you’re a Dragon (or an Aries in the Western zodiac) looking for a gem to enhance your luck in 2024, look no further than Ruby. This dazzling red stone represents passion, vitality, and courage – qualities that Dragons possess in abundance.

Ruby can help you amplify your inner power and confidence, as well as attract success and prosperity. Whether you want to pursue your dreams, overcome challenges, or unleash your creativity, Ruby can support you with its protective and inspiring energy.

Snake (Taurus)

Snakes (Taurus in the Western Zodiac) can benefit from the Black Pearl in 2024, the Year of the Wood Dragon. This gem is a rare and beautiful symbol of wisdom, protection, and elegance. It can help Snakes to develop their intuition and to ward off any negative influences. It can also give Snakes a refined and graceful appearance.

Horse (Gemini)

Horses (Gemini in the Western Zodiac) can benefit from wearing Topaz in 2024, the Year of the Wood Dragon. This gem has a brilliant shine and symbolizes abundance, healing, and clarity.

These qualities can help Horses achieve their objectives and overcome any obstacles. Topaz can also enhance their natural healing powers and attract positive energy. By wearing this gem, Horses can stay focused and clear-minded throughout the year.

Goat (Cancer)

Emerald is a lucky crystal for the Goat (Cancer in the Western zodiac) in 2023, as it has many benefits for this sign. It can enhance love and success, improve communication and social skills, foster mutual understanding, and aid in meditation and concentration. It can also support mental health and protect travelers from harm.

The Goat can wear emerald as an amulet to attract wealth and abundance. Emerald can also help the Goat in their emotional life, as they are sensitive and dependent on love. The Goat likes to know a potential partner well before committing to a serious relationship. Emerald can help them to express their feelings and accept others without judgment.

Emerald Stud Earrings are a good choice for the Goat, as they can calm the wearer’s spirit and bring freshness and vitality. Emerald can also increase mental clarity, focus, and intellect, making the wearer’s personality shine.

Monkey (Leo)

Monkeys (Leo in the Western zodiac) can benefit from the soothing blue color of Aquamarine in 2024, the Year of the Wood Dragon. This gem is known for its calming and harmonious properties, which can help Monkeys cope with the challenges and changes of this year.

Aquamarine can also improve communication skills and foster emotional balance, which are essential for Monkeys to maintain good relationships and achieve their goals. This gem can offer a sense of tranquility and clarity for Monkeys in 2024.

Rooster (Virgo)

If you are a Rooster, 2024 is your year to shine with the help of Citrine. This bright yellow stone is known as the ‘Stone of Wealth’ and the ‘Merchant’s Stone.’ It has a long history of attracting abundance and success to those who use it.

Citrine can help you boost your business and career prospects in various ways. You can keep a Citrine crystal in your wallet, near the cash register, in your car, among your financial documents, or on your company’s keychain. This will help you draw more money and opportunities to your work.

You can also wear Citrine as a jewelry piece on your neck or on your left hand. This will help you connect with its powerful energy and enhance your confidence, creativity, and charisma. Citrine is a wonderful ally for Roosters who want to achieve their goals and dreams in 2024.

Dog (Libra)

If you are a Dog in the Chinese zodiac (or Libra in the Western zodiac), you can benefit from the power of Amethyst in 2024. This gemstone has a lovely purple color and a positive influence on your mind, emotions, and finances. It can help you achieve more balance and peace in your life.

You can activate the wealth energy of Amethyst by placing it in the southeast corner of your home, which is the area related to money and abundance.

You can also attract more luck by carrying or wearing an Amethyst stone, especially if it has a deep violet shade. This can enhance your intuition and creativity.

If you need to overcome some difficulties in your work or education, you can use Amethyst as a study aid or a confidence booster. It can improve your analytical and learning abilities.

You can find Amethyst jewelry in various forms, such as pendants, necklaces, rings, or earrings. Choose the one that suits your style and personality. Let Amethyst be your ally for a prosperous and harmonious year.

Pig (Scorpio)

Peridot, also known as the Money Stone, is the lucky charm for those born under the sign of the Pig (or Scorpion in the Western Zodiac) in 2024. This beautiful gem enhances one’s willpower and vitality, making it easier to achieve goals.

Peridot helps to clear our mind of negative thoughts about wealth and prosperity, enabling us to make wise financial choices that lead to abundance. It boosts not only confidence but also steadfast determination. If you have a long-awaited project that you want to pursue, Peridot is your lucky crystal!

Wearing earrings or rings with Peridot can be especially beneficial, as they remind you of your goals and the importance of keeping a clean conscience on your way to financial success. Harness the power of Peridot and let it assist you in having a year of strong determination and financial prosperity.


To sum up, we have learned how crystals and Feng Shui can help us improve our spaces and lives in practical ways.By selecting the appropriate crystals, positioning them strategically, and maintaining them clean and energized, we can boost our well-being.

By applying Feng Shui principles to our crystals, we can create more balanced and harmonious environments.

And let’s not forget, crystals can also support us personally, helping us relax, meditate, and achieve our goals. Therefore, as we finish, keep in mind that using crystals and Feng Shui can attract more positivity, abundance, and harmony to your life. May your journey ahead be as radiant as the crystals that accompany you.